March, 2012

  • A Customer Experience Gone Horribly Wrong

    Mar 27 2012

    Today I’m taking a little detour from talking about social media for business. Instead I want to show you something that will hopefully make you think twice about your customer service standards and practices. Halifax is a small city. If you have been in business any length of time I’ll bet you can’t walk down

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  • An Infographic About Me (and You)

    Mar 20 2012

    Social media stories are often told in the form of an “infograph”.┬áInfographs are efficient means of expressing a lot of information about a particular topic, through the use of visuals and graphs. You’ve probably seen a few of them recently about Pinterest. And if you follow me on Pinterest or Facebook you’ll have noticed that

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  • 5 Tips for Timeline for Pages

    Mar 13 2012

    Have you embraced your new Timeline yet? Last week I explained a few of the rules/guidelines Facebook has imposed on the new Timeline for Business Pages and there were a lot of “can’t do” items on the list. There is still a lot of debate going on about whether or not you can put this

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  • Facebook Timeline for Business Pages–Embrace It!

    Mar 06 2012

    I know some of you are sitting there today cursing Facebook for making yet another change. You’re wishing they would just leave well enough alone and you’re wondering how you’ll ever keep up with the constant changes, right? Well, they only thing in social media that is constant IS CHANGE! So get used to it.

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