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  • 7 Simple Ideas for Increasing Engagement in a Facebook Group

    May 19 2015
    Anita Hovey group of mobile phones

    Recently a friend of mine added me to a short-term Facebook Group that existed to fundraise for a cause close to her heart. The premise of the group was to promote product sales with the profits donated to a specific charity. Normally I hate it when people add me to a Group without asking me, ESPECIALLY when it’s for product sales. However, this Facebook Group was for a cause near and dear to my friends and for a product I actually use and enjoy, so I didn’t immediately leave.

    At first I just scrolled past the posts from the Group. Once or twice I chimed in if I felt like it, but mainly I was just not leaving in order to not hurt my friends’ feelings…because it was about the cause. Then one day I looked at this Group in a totally different way.

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  • 6 Easy Periscope Live Streaming Ideas for Small Businesses

    May 12 2015
    Anita Hovey live streaming ideas for small business

    Live streaming has hit the social media world big time. Are you taking advantage of either of the new live streaming apps, Periscope and Meerkat? At first thought, live streaming for a small business may seem overwhelming but your very curious customers want to see what you’re up to…and now they want to do it live! It’s actually pretty simple to do with the new apps.

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  • Social Media Marketing World 2015: Top 10 Takeaways

    Apr 01 2015
    Anita Hovey social media marketing world logo

    Not only were many of the world’s biggest and brightest thought leaders from the social media and digital industries present (Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, CS Penn, Marcus Sheridan, Jay Baer, Chris Brogan, and so on, and so on), they were accessible, approachable and helpful. I attended sessions on Facebook Advertising, Instagram, Pinterest, marketing, blogging, SEO and more. I am rejuvenated and raring to go.

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  • Facebook Contests: What Can You Do?

    Mar 24 2015
    Anita Hovey winner engraved lock

    Did you know you *ARE* allowed to run contests directly on your Business Page now, without the use of an outside app? Did you also know the majority of the contests we see every day are breaking the rules and endangering their Page?

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  • Using Hootsuite to Find Business Leads on Twitter

    Mar 17 2015
    Anita Hovey Hootsuite Tutorial

    Time and time again I’ve told you to search Twitter for business leads. And I think every time I mentioned that you should consider setting up a dashboard to make the process easier. Here’s your guide to setting up search streams in your Hootsuite dashboard so you’ll never miss another business lead again!

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  • Social Media Gaffes Lacking Historical Sensitivity: Is Anyone to Blame?

    Mar 07 2015
    Anita Hovey Screen capture by @Walldo

    Is there a statute of limitations on historical references, that when reached means it’s now ok to adopt words, acronyms or symbols that used to be viewed negatively by society?

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  • Using Hootsuite to Add url Parameters for Analytics Tracking

    Feb 11 2015
    Anita Hovey Hootsuite Tutorial

    Like anything else, you can’t say you’re successful if you can’t measure that success. If you can’t remember exactly which campaigns you want to track and how they were worded, you’ll end up with three versions of each campaign, which will make your analysis more difficult in the end.

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  • 12 Days of Social Media: Top Tips for LinkedIn

    Dec 24 2014
    Anita Hovey social media graphic

    LinkedIn is the network I get the fewest questions about, so I tend to forget to write blog posts about it. On the second to last day of my 12 Days of Social Media, I thought it was high time I give you some of the best tips for making use of LinkedIn.

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  • 12 Days of Social Media: Blogs to Follow for Social Media Information

    Dec 23 2014
    Anita Hovey social media graphic

    Social media simply changes too fast and too often for one person to know everything about every network. Here are some of the people/companies that I follow to keep up-to-date on the various networks and programs we all use and love/hate.

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  • 12 Days of Social Media: Twirp’s Favourite Hootsuite Features

    Dec 21 2014
    Anita Hovey social media graphic

    Some of the best Hootsuite features have come along in just the past few months. Here’s a breakdown of some of my favourite Hootsuite features.

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