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The Best DIY Graphic Design Programs for Social Media

If you've decided to delve into the world of DIY graphic design, here are a few programs that will help you. They each have their own unique focus, features and benefits. To write this comparison, I'm using the same photo and quote on all programs and I'll talk about [...]

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Winning Week: How Grateful is Halifax?

Every once in a while a local business here in Halifax catches my eye with something they're doing on social media. Whether it's a timely Facebook post, or a humorous tweet, there are definitely lots of great examples of Halifax businesses winning at social media. It's not something that [...]

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How to Manage a Small Business Blog and Streamline Blog Promotion

Successful blog promotion comes down to having a process in place. It has taken me five years to get this process down pat for myself, but I've finally got one that works for me and I thought I'd share my process with you. I'm sure there are better ways [...]

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Setting up the new Twitter Dashboard

Twitter recently introduced one of the most highly sought after features, but it seems not a lot of people heard about it. The new Twitter dashboard is a simple way to feature tweets and media on your profile and schedule tweets with a native Twitter scheduler! AMEM and HALLELUJAH! [...]

35 Ways to Promote Your Social Media Profiles

35 Ways to Promote Your Social Media Profiles

You've started a new business and now it's time to let people know about it. Social media is likely the first thing you're thinking about these days. Once you have the social media profiles set up how do you let people know where to find you? I've updated an [...]

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Top 5 Can’t Miss Ideas to Rock Social Media at Events

Great events connect people and create experiences. It’s no wonder that many (most) not-for-profits and charities make use of events to meet their fundraising goals and to increase awareness of their programs. However, all events are not created equal and success is never a guarantee. Here are a few [...]

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SEO Tips for Local Businesses

You may have heard the hullabaloo surrounding Dean's Flowers, a local, independent flower shop who has attracted some unwanted attention from a big, online competitor. I asked several SEO experts for their tips on what Holly could do to combat the grey hat tactics being used against her business. [...]