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  • Live Streaming: Choosing a Platform

    Jan 20 2016
    Anita Kirkbride Live Streaming Twirp

    If you’re thinking about getting into the live streaming game, how do you decide which live streaming platform to choose? Let’s start with the basic similarities and differences of each one.

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  • Top 3 Social Media Goals for Small Business in 2016

    Jan 13 2016
    Anita Kirkbride social media goals

    social media goalsIt’s the beginning of a new year and we’re all reading lots about all the new things we should be doing to market our businesses. Articles abound about social media goals and how to set them. There are three things I think every small business should focus on this year.

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  • Finding Leads with Twitter Advanced Search: Hali-day Edition

    Dec 17 2015
    Anita Kirkbride 2015_11_30_Finding-Leads-on-Twitter_Header

    So many small businesses in Halifax think their clients are not on Twitter. They’re automating their Twitter presence because it’s the easy way to get content on there. But easy on Twitter doesn’t work. Automation won’t help you find the client conversations you should be part of. Here are just a few conversations I found in the last two weeks, by doing very simple searches, that local businesses could be part of.

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  • Top 10 Thought Provoking Social Media Quotes of 2015

    Dec 08 2015
    Anita Kirkbride 2015_11_23_Top-10-Thought-Provoking-Social-Media-Quotes-of-2015-Header

    2015 is coming to a close and I have been collecting fabulous, new social media quotes all year. Here are my choices for the top 10 most thought-provoking social media quotes of the year.

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  • Why You Can’t Use Facebook as Your Home Base

    Dec 02 2015
    Anita Kirkbride 2015_11_23_Why-you-can't-use-Facebook-as-your-home-base_Header_notext

    Facebook Pages get suspended and go missing on a scary frequent basis. If it can happen to one of the biggest social media brands out there, it can happen to you.

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  • Changing Your Name in the Age of Social Media

    Nov 27 2015
    Anita Kirkbride 2015_11_23_Changing-your-name-in-the-age-of-social-media-header

    You’ve probably heard by now that I got married and decided to change my name. I thought long and hard about whether or not to change it because this change comes with many challenges when you’re as widespread on social media as I am. I have a kazillion accounts to change and links to update. Here is how I went about making all the necessary name changes and some of the ways changing my name presented a challenge.

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  • Finding Leads on Twitter: Hali-ween Edition

    Oct 28 2015
    Anita Kirkbride

    It’s been a while since I blogged about finding leads on Twitter here in Halifax. I wonder if anyone is actually using this idea to find leads in their industry? I would love to know if monitoring keywords on Twitter is turning into business for you. For now, have a peek at some of the recent tweets local businesses could have jumped on. According to Twitter, every one of these happened “near me”, so that means 25 mile radius of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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  • Which Social Media Scheduler is Best for You? Comparing 8 Programs

    Oct 21 2015
    Anita Kirkbride

    If you are doing any decent amount of social media marketing for your own business, or for others, you’ve probably already tried a scheduling system or two to help with the workload. Maybe you’ve felt it’s wrong to schedule content and you gave up? Or maybe you just didn’t find the right social media scheduler for your needs. Because I believe in responsible scheduling of content (please note, this is not content automation), I have tried many different scheduling systems. Some work with one platform, others with many. From my experience, all of the different scheduling programs have their benefits, it’s a matter of which scheduling process works best for you and your workflow.

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  • 3 Phone Skills That Will Improve Your Social Media

    Oct 14 2015
    Mary Jane Copps phones

    Years ago, likely when we were still referring to the internet as the World Wide Web, I listened to a radio interview that described a day when we’d all be able to design our own news feed. We’d turn on our computers each day and, based on our own interests and concerns, read the news, articles, opinions that mattered most to us. Late adopter that I was (and still am), I shook my head and muttered “That will never happen.”

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  • The Five Best Responses to the Resurgence of the Facebook Privacy Hoax

    Oct 07 2015
    Anita Kirkbride FB Cover Fall

    Thank you to the creative writers and designers, geeks, nerds and movie-ophiles who created truly witty and fun responses to the Facebook privacy notice hoax that enjoyed a resurgence a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few that made me LOL.

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