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  • Understanding the Free Analytics Report in Hootsuite

    Aug 13 2013
    Anita Kirkbride graphical representation of social media clicks

    If you’ve been using Hootsuite to streamline your time on social media, it’s time to look into the analytics that Hootsuite provides. After all, if you’re not measuring your efforts, how do you know what to keep doing and what to stop doing? Here’s a little help to get you going with one of the free reports from Hootsuite.

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  • Google Analytics Made Easy

    Oct 04 2011
    Anita Kirkbride Google analytics traffic

    If you don’t have Google Analytics (or some other analytics reporting program) installed on your website or blog, please go install it now. How do you expect to know if what you are doing is working if you have no metrics to look at? I admit, I have a lot to learn about analytics and

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  • How Social Media Worked for my Colleague

    Jun 27 2011
    Anita Kirkbride img9

    My colleague, Linda Daley, Daley Progress, wrote a great newsletter article last week about how just a few minutes on social media benefited her business recently. I thought it was worth sharing. What could these few minutes do for YOUR business? We can help you get started today. If You Can’t Do It ALL by

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