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Cell 902|240|3702
Email twirp (at) twirp (dot) ca

15 Minute Phone Chats and pre-consultations are always free…and I love coffee too!
60 Minute Strategy or Personal Training Session $150 +HST
2 hour Strategy or Personal Training Session $300 +HST
Corporate Training Sessions $300 per hour +HST

Book a VIRTUAL personal training session!

You’ll get a 45 minute, recorded Skype training session. You set the agenda and I answer the questions. We can screen share both ways, troubleshoot, strategize and brainstorm. Whatever you need. Payment is required in advance of confirming your appointment. 45 Minute Virtual Social Media Training Session $150

Apologies…my contact form has been disabled as I attempt to stem the unusually high amounts of spam I’m receiving through it. Please email me at the address just above.