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  • Winning Week: Local Business Enters #TheDress Debate

    Mar 07 2015
    Anita Hovey colour changed graphic

    Pretty much every business in Halifax could have done something with colour options and tagged #TheDress to become part of the conversation. Makeup vendors could have shown two eye makeup options. Our many dress boutiques could have shown their own wares. Graphic designers had umpteen options available. Who caught my eye?

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  • Responding in Private on Social Media is NOT Good Enough.

    Feb 17 2015
    Anita Hovey social media quote

    It’s the advice we’ve all heard often enough…if a customer complains on your social media account, try to take the conversation private as soon as possible and get it resolved. I concur. Some things need to be dealt with privately. Your fans and followers don’t need to see every detail of the conversation back and forth between you and a disappointed customer.

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  • Can Twitter Help you Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary?

    Mar 25 2014
    Anita Hovey anniversary cake

    Calvin Pearce knows customer service and how to build relationships. Recently, he added Twitter to his repertoire and is using all of those skills to great success in Twitter. Check out how it all came back to him on one very important night.

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  • Social Media Book Review: The New Relationship Marketing, Mari Smith

    Oct 08 2013
    Anita Hovey social media book review

    I have said many, many times that you cannot treat social media marketing the same as advertising—no spray and pray strategies here please. Mari Smith’s The New Relationship Marketing shows you step-by-step how to treat social media as a networking and relationship building opportunity and tool. I especially like Chapter 1’s focus on the top 11 fears of getting involved in social media. If you’re scared to death of this new media, Mari will allay your fears right off the bat.

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  • 12 Most Attainable Social Media Goals for Your Business

    Aug 27 2013
    Anita Hovey social media goals target 2

    Social media goals aren’t all about sales. Would you believe some companies use social media purely for awareness or customer service? Read along to find inspiration for your social media goals other than sales. You might be surprised.

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  • 12 Most Quixotic Questions to Ask Your Social Media Expert

    Jul 30 2013
    Anita Hovey ask questions

    A self-defined social media expert is sitting in your office. They’re talking circle around you and you need to know what questions to ask? Pull up this article.

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  • How to Tell if Someone has Bought Likes on Facebook

    Jun 11 2013

    I really got my knickers in a knot yesterday when I saw someone promoting himself as some kind of social media superstar. This person claims to have the largest Facebook following for his industry in Atlantic Canada. Well, I *HAD* to go check that out. Sure enough, this page, for a local service in a

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  • Social Media for Business: How Can Live-Tweeting Events Help?

    May 07 2013
    Anita Hovey Twitter follower bird

    It’s commonplace now for conferences and awards shows to be “live tweeted” by attendees and for that activity to be encouraged by the organizers. Sure it’s fun for those of us stuck at home to follow along as friends and colleagues win awards or heckle a speaker, or maybe pick up a few wise words

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  • Tips for Non-Profits Using Social Media

    Apr 30 2013

    I often am asked to give advice for non-profits and charities on how to use the various social networks to promote their cause or raise more funds. I don’t have the secret sauce, but there are a few things any NPO can do to improve its chances. What the NPO Staff Can Do Provide good

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  • Anyone Can Find Business on Twitter

    Mar 26 2013

    That’s right… ANYONE. The next time someone says “Twitter is just a bunch of nonsense” I want you to share a link to this post. Here’s an example of someone looking for a freakin’ floor waxer on Twitter. And you know what? Within two hours he had a recommendation for one and a reply from

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