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  • 12 Days of Social Media: Social Media Myths Busted

    Dec 19 2014
    Anita Hovey Social media graphic

    I have come to understand that you only understand that which you have an express interest in understanding. Thus, I do not understand quantum physics, the legal aspects of a corporate takeover, or dog people (Cats rule, dogs drool. #SorryNotSorry). Similarly, many small business owners simply do not have the express interest in truly understanding the complexities of social media. Some simply want it to bring in the money and others just want someone else to handle it. This leads to a lot of misunderstanding about social media in general. Here are some of my favourite social media myths.

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  • How to use the New Hootsuite Facebook Albums Feature

    Nov 12 2014
    Anita Hovey hootsuite features screen cap

    Just yesterday I had a ‘hootgasam’… you know… where Hootsuite adds a new function and you get over-excited about it? I was working on community management for my clients, uploading photos for the specials later this week, when BAM, there was a new feature staring back at me.

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  • Go-To Tools for Small Business Revisited

    Apr 29 2014
    Anita Hovey social media tools

    When Twirp Communications was just a baby company, toddling around in diapers, I wrote a couple of posts about the best social media tools for small business I had found. I thought it was about time I updated my lists and shared some of the newer tools we’re using to manage social media for our clients.

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  • Video Tutorial: Using Hootsuite to Post Pictures

    Oct 22 2013
    Anita Hovey hootsuite

    I was recently asked by a newbie to Hootsuite how to get rid of the link when posting pictures to Facebook. If this is something that has plagued you and your Business Page, watch this quick video tutorial to learn the super easy trick.

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  • Understanding the Free Analytics Report in Hootsuite

    Aug 13 2013
    Anita Hovey graphical representation of social media clicks

    If you’ve been using Hootsuite to streamline your time on social media, it’s time to look into the analytics that Hootsuite provides. After all, if you’re not measuring your efforts, how do you know what to keep doing and what to stop doing? Here’s a little help to get you going with one of the free reports from Hootsuite.

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  • Save Time–Set and Forget Social Media for Success!

    Jul 02 2013
    Anita Hovey clock face

    Using a program like Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts can be very smart, or very stupid, depending on how you treat the schedule. Don’t set and forget.

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  • 6 Reasons to Stop Linking Facebook to Twitter

    Nov 20 2012

    It’s been a whole three months since I’ve talked about the downfalls of auto-linking your Facebook Business Page to your Twitter account. I’ve tried to be nice about it, gently encouraging you to change your ways. NO MORE MRS. NICE TWIRP. This needs to stop. A version of this article appeared on the Twirp Communications

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  • Streamlining Your Twitter Experience

    Oct 09 2012
    Make Sense of your newsfeed

    If you’ve had the chance to attend any of my social media workshops, or hear me speak, or probably any other social media expert, you’ll likely have heard me say that you cannot be successful on Twitter by following a handful of people. To use Twitter for business purposes, you’ll need to follow, and be

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  • Blogging for Business While on Vacation

    Aug 28 2012

    Consistency is very important when you’re blogging for business, so what do you do when it’s time for vacation? YES! Entrepreneurs do, on occasion, but not very often, get real (as opposed to pretend, where you’re checking your cell every 10 minutes) time away from the business. The first thing you need to know is

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  • Tweet Chats: The What, How and Why

    Aug 07 2012

    Tweet Chats, or Twitter Chats, are a great way to find people with whom you have common interests, to promote yourself as an expert in your field, or simply to gain new followers for your business. A Tweet Chat is simply a group of people who carry on one main conversation on Twitter, for a

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