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  • 12 Days of Social Media: Top Tips for LinkedIn

    Dec 24 2014
    Anita Kirkbride social media graphic

    LinkedIn is the network I get the fewest questions about, so I tend to forget to write blog posts about it. On the second to last day of my 12 Days of Social Media, I thought it was high time I give you some of the best tips for making use of LinkedIn.

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  • 12 Days of Social Media: Social Media Myths Busted

    Dec 19 2014
    Anita Kirkbride Social media graphic

    I have come to understand that you only understand that which you have an express interest in understanding. Thus, I do not understand quantum physics, the legal aspects of a corporate takeover, or dog people (Cats rule, dogs drool. #SorryNotSorry). Similarly, many small business owners simply do not have the express interest in truly understanding the complexities of social media. Some simply want it to bring in the money and others just want someone else to handle it. This leads to a lot of misunderstanding about social media in general. Here are some of my favourite social media myths.

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  • Grow Your Network on LinkedIn

    Mar 04 2014
    Anita Kirkbride

    Are you looking for an easy way to grow your network on LinkedIn? This scheme may be just the ticket… or maybe not, if you want real potential clients.

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  • How to Filter LinkedIn Updates in Newsfeed

    Oct 29 2013
    Anita Kirkbride filtering options on LinkedIn

    Tired of seeing 50 updates from one person every time you log in to LinkedIn? Want to get rid of the posts from that MLM person who never shares anything of value? One simple click to hide people from your LinkedIn newsfeed and see more of the content you want.

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  • Social Media for Business–Radio Interview

    Sep 09 2012

    In case you missed it, I had the opportunity to chat with Erin Trafford of News 95.7 in Halifax this morning. We chatted about social media use in Atlantic Canada, Facebook and Twitter specifically. They were kind enough to send me a copy of the interview so I could share it with you…so here it

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  • Book Review: LinkedIn for Dummies

    Jul 31 2012

    I know a lot of you are struggling with social media for your business. You’re trying to do it all and you keep getting little bits of information and strategy from people like me and industry blogs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all the info you need about things in one place?

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  • Creating a Business Event Listing on LinkedIn–5 Minute Friday Video Tutorial

    Jul 20 2012

    If you are involved in any upcoming business events, don’t forget about promoting them on LinkedIn. Many of your connections on LinkedIn may not be checking out events on Facebook or hearing about them on Twitter, so cover your bases. It’s very simple to set up and can help more people find out about it.

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  • 12 Most Compelling Reasons to Use Hootsuite

    Jun 19 2012
    advanced twitter search

    Social media is really no longer a choice for business owners. Every business needs to be doing something in the social media arena, and very likely more participating in more than one social network. Whether a business is marketing to other businesses or to consumers, potential customers are online somewhere, it’s just a matter of getting the right message to them at the right time. Posting on all these networks can be incredibly time-consuming. That’s why you need a social media dashboard like Hootsuite. Here are the 12 Most Compelling Reasons to Use Hootsuite as your dashboard.

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  • 10 Minutes a Day to do Social for Business?

    May 15 2012

    Recently I found this interesting e-mail in my inbox. The subject line (It only takes 10 minutes to have success in social media) really intrigued me as I often hear about these 10 minutes a day plans…heck…I even gave an example of my own of how I thought you could manage social media for your

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  • How to Recycle Blog Content – 5 Minute Friday Video Tutorial for Business

    Apr 27 2012
    Coach Twirp: Your Social Media Coach and Manager

    Can you afford to spend just five minutes on a Friday watching a video that will help you with your social media management? Can you afford NOT to? Come back to the Twirp Communications blog every second Friday for just five minutes and walk away with a practical skill that you can implement for your

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