From my very first experience with Twirp Communications, to my most recent one – Anita has always been very knowledgeable, strategic, & professional. Prior to discovering the wonderful & beneficial world of social media, it had always overwhelmed me & I had deliberately avoided it at all costs. That was until I started my own business & quickly realized that the reality was, I could no longer pretend it didn’t exist! Enter “Head Twirp” Anita. She was exactly what I needed to kick-start my business social media presence & she was the perfect person to help me do so. The whole process was very relaxed, stress-free, & the amount I learned in a short period of time was incredible (especially since my knowledge-base was zero!). Fast forward 2+ years & Anita still continues to be extremely valuable to me & my small business. Whether it’s getting help with Facebook advertising or making long-term social media goals –Twirp Communications is hands-down my #1 choice!!

Vanessa Roop, Pooched

Under one week of using the tips you gave me for Instagram and I had a major business lead! I really can’t believe it worked.

Shari Tucker, Photographer and Adventure Travel Specialist

I wanted to thank you for the presentation yesterday at our dealer meeting. I received some good positive feedback. I really like the fact that you did some ground work before, and visited their web sites.

The folks really appreciated that you did not push on them your services, and did not insist on just pitching your services. They liked your neutral approach, and honestly that was the best sales pitch you could have made!!!

Charles Beaudet, VP, Eastern Canada, Xplornet

Great presentation last night, you are a good instructor and I like the way you give feedback.
Meryl Cook, Homeopath & Bowen

Anita’s ability to enhance your social media presence, grow your brand with your audience and pioneer new opportunities to connect with your online peers is astounding. She has personally nurtured my social media strategy and I have seen many positive results. Love working with you Anita! I recommend Anita to all of my favourite people and will continue to do so.

Tracey Rudolph, REALTOR

I’m sitting in my TEAM TWIRP session this morning wondering just how I would get through the massive learning curve of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as marketing strategies for my business without Anita from Twirp Communications January 2012 I committed to learning social media from a strategic and technical point of view and Anita has been my saviour – THANKS!!!!

Debi Hartlen-MacDonald, New Life Business Solutions

It is a BIG decision to set aside two full days for learning and, as a consequence, I expect value and outcomes. Anita exceeded my expectations. I have walked away from her Social Media Boot Camp with a deeper understanding of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter not only in terms of how I can and should be using them, but how they connect to my specific business. Anita was very “hands on”, working individually with each student and answered all our questions. She understands that the amount of information can be overwhelming. She kept us on track by presenting information in a logical way. When we got distracted or confused, she pulled us back from the brink and kept us moving forward. Attending Anita’s workshop has paid for itself already (and it only ended an hour ago) and I know it will support the growth of my business continually in the coming weeks and months. Thank you, Anita, and I’ll be back for more knowledge soon.

Mary Jane CoppsThe Phone Lady

Before Anita came along, my Facebook page and Twitter account sat unused for over a year. She inspired me to do something about it! Anita has done some of my ‘techie set-up stuff’ and helped me formulate strategy. She’s also answered a multitude of (stupid?) questions – I have yet to find the end of her patience. I’ve attended several of her workshops, am a monthly member of Team Twirp, and have recommended Anita to my friends and clients many times.

Linda Daley, Daley Progress

I have recently met Anita when I was a student of her social media class. This was a huge learning curve for me & she was an excellent resource, didn’t talk to me in computer “speak” so I was able to focus on what she was saying & felt much more comfortable with the topic & not as intimidated as I thought I would be. She helped renew my enthusiasm to learn more so very excited about the next course. I would highly recommend Anita to anyone who needs to have some updated training in this area.

Kathryn CraigREALTOR

Anita was my first choice for some one-one coaching in social media. The concepts are promoted endlessly by every marketer out there, but Anita seemed to be someone who truly understood the technology and tricks to actually moving it from an idea to something an organization could implement on a consistent and effective basis. She did not fail to live up to my expectations. Smart, common sense suggestions and advice, with examples of how (and how not to) implement the right social media tools for the desired engagement goals. Worth every penny – and more.

Sue CoueslanIndependent Marketing Consultant

I have had the pleasure of working with Anita and her company Twirp Communications through our mutual networking group, The Group Halifax. Anita has shown a great deal of initiative and has been controlling our social media expansion and has taken it to another level. Anita is consistent with her business and all of my dealings have been professional. I would recommend Anita and her services to anyone looking to take their business and social media in a new or different direction.

Matthew Upton, Commercial Broker, Homburg Insurance

Anita Kirkbride is extremely insightful when it comes to social media for business, and her straight forward teaching style makes it very easy to retain the information she is passing on. She made it very easy to understand how to use each medium, as well as where, when and why. I learned a lot, and I know, without a doubt, that applying what Anita taught us to my marketing strategy will be a great boost for my business.

Social Media Course Student

Anita has an extensive and sound knowledge of all things ‘social media’! Well-informed, sharp, and on top of her game, Anita is not only good in practice but is an excellent instructor, able and willing to share her insights and tactics. If you need an accomplished social media strategist, speaker or teacher, she’s your gal!

Social Media Course Student