It is a BIG decision to set aside two full days for learning and, as a consequence, I expect value and outcomes. Anita exceeded my expectations. I have walked away from her Social Media Boot Camp with a deeper understanding of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter not only in terms of how I can and should be using them, but how they connect to my specific business. Anita was very “hands on”, working individually with each student and answered all our questions. She understands that the amount of information can be overwhelming. She kept us on track by presenting information in a logical way. When we got distracted or confused, she pulled us back from the brink and kept us moving forward. Attending Anita’s workshop has paid for itself already (and it only ended an hour ago) and I know it will support the growth of my business continually in the coming weeks and months. Thank you, Anita, and I’ll be back for more knowledge soon.

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