How Social Media Worked for my Colleague

My colleague, Linda Daley, Daley Progress, wrote a great newsletter article last week about how just a few minutes on social media benefited her business recently. I thought it was worth sharing. What could these few minutes do for YOUR business? We can help you get started today.

If You Can’t Do It ALL

I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of using social media to stay connected.  Oh yes, I know there’s a whole relationship-building aspect that I’m missing out on big time. The value of social media tools really struck me this weekend as I checked in on my website stats.  On Thursday evening I had updated the events listing on my website.  Instead of simply posting this on my LinkedIn profile as usual, I decided to post it to a few of the LinkedIn Groups of which I’m a member.  Look what happened to my website page views:

So a few people visited my website — what does that really mean?  Well, here’s what else happened:

  • 4 complete strangers subscribed to my newsletter
  • A few thank-you’s were posted in the groups
  • 3 complete strangers emailed thanking me and complimenting me on my website
  • 5 new LinkedIn connections
  • Increased views of my LinkedIn profile
  • 3 new Twitter followers

And I’m betting there will be at least one nice chat over coffee yet to follow.  While I’m far from maximizing my use of social media tools, my strong advice is this: If you can’t do it all, do at least something.  Start somewhere — today!


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