Branding Gone Too Far?

I think everyone here knows that branding is vital to your business success. Your corporate logo and how it is used and complemented in all your marketing materials is what makes you memorable. A quick impression of a good logo can keep you “top of mind” to your potential customers as they scroll through their news feeds Facebook, Twitter or Google+. But how far will you go to be true to your brand?
My fabulous corporate logoI am crazy silly when it comes to my brand. Purple has always been my favourite color (it says so in my high school yearbook from 20 years ago). So when I hired Creative Juices to develop my branding and website, of course I told them it should incorporate some purple. They went one better and used my second favourite color, too, lime green. It seems to be one of the color combinations “du jour” as I see Tutor Doctor’s colors are very close, as are MEFY Gifts.

Of course, I’ve made all the obvious branding choices based on my colors: letterhead, business cards, invoices, website, Facebook & Twitter profiles and a name tag to wear to networking events. When I met with Shari Tucker to get my new corporate head shots I even wore a lime green shirt. But recently I’ve done a few crazy silly things just because they match my brand.

Ricki's website

This is the dress I bought.

On a shopping trip to buy summer business attire I purchased a dress and two blouses in my corporate colors. I probably would have bought them anyhow, but I did pick them because of the colors. Then at the spa getting a mani/pedi I of course had to get purple polish (I actually have a bottle of “Twirp Green” at home, but it makes me look like I have nail fungus).

At my first trade show (held at CEED), I decorated my table in green and purple from top to bottom, including gerbera daisies, vases, and those little decorative stones to put in the vases. I even created a cheesy iron-on t-shirt to wear that day and donned green earrings and a lime green hairband from my daughter’s room.
Mine are not this obvious.The silliest thing I’ve done so far is to have purple feather hair extensions put in! Yup…that new fangled craze that Steven Tyler started of feather extensions. Who knew they came in all these awesome colors? When the esthetician at the spa was wearing them so nicely I just had to get some. The only choices that day were white, brown and purple… why would I chose anything else? I’m even investigating buying some lime green ones from ebay so I can have green AND purple put in next time. Yes, I know that’s silly, but it’s a fun extension (pun totally intended) of my brand.

You see, I believe that your brand is much more than just your logo. It’s you and what you do, how you act, how you conduct your business. While these silly purchases might be irrelevant to some people, I see them as constant, subtle reminders of what I want to project to my customers: creativity and consistency, and the conscious decision to stay true to my branding. These are all things I want to do for my clients, too. Dare I say I’m UnMarketing myself with these purchases?

Well, at least it's colorful!I’m still on the hunt for new and interesting things to do with my logo and colors. I’m not going to get any tattoos (surprisingly popular…Google it), or shave my head, but I’d love to hear some creative ideas from you. What’s the most interesting branding opportunity you’ve taken advantage of, or have seen recently?

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    Luv this article. I never sat down before to even ponder on that branding question. Yes, I did the colour satge, the logo, keeping the same kind images with our websites and any marketing material. Now, I am wondering, after I read your well written and funny article (I can really see your look with those coloured extensions..)what can be possible to place my mark in the world of business. Thanks Anita for this!

    August 9, 2011 at 1:22 pm
  • Glynis Jolly Reply

    Did you really do that feather thing? You’re braver than I would be. Good article, Anita.

    August 9, 2011 at 8:44 pm
    • Anita Kirkbride
      Anita Hovey Reply

      Oh yes, I really do have three skinny little purple feathers attached to my head 🙂 It’s fun!

      August 9, 2011 at 8:47 pm
  • Linda Daley Reply

    I bought a purse that’s like my logo, pink on top and orange on the bottom:

    August 11, 2011 at 8:42 pm

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