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If you don’t have Google Analytics (or some other analytics reporting program) installed on your website or blog, please go install it now. How do you expect to know if what you are doing is working if you have no metrics to look at?

I admit, I have a lot to learn about analytics and I’m sure the folks at radian6 would love to school me on them, but Google analytics gives even me a wealth of information in an easy to read dashboard.

Where is my traffic coming from?

When I first began Twirp Communications all my website visitors were coming direct or from Facebook. Since working with to improve my SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I can clearly see that Google is quickly becoming one of my main referrers…and organically, too (meaning FREE, not paid advertising). It’s also clear to me that face-to-face networking at The Group and Mingle are working because the second top traffic source is direct traffic (meaning people who have typed my address into their browser directly). Have a look at my traffic and keywords report for a small window of time below.

Google analytics traffic sources

What are visitors looking for when they find me?

Twirp Communications is usually my number one keyword and I’m ok with that. This means that my name is getting out there and people remember it enough to search for it. And they are intrigued enough to take the time to check me out. Always include your company name as one of your keywords!

You can see in the above graphic that the other top keywords on my report change. With my recent post on Twitter hashtags “Hashtag” became a top keyword for a while. When I included my new purple feather extensions in the post about branding, I got 94 visits from the keyword “feather extensions”–nice boost to traffic, but not valuable since they weren’t looking for social media management services in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The moral? Check to see what keywords are bringing people to your site and adjust your SEO activities as needed.

Patterns in Traffic

Google analytics trafficOne of the neat things I see in my traffic pattern is a big jump every time I post to my blog or send an e-newsletter. I guess that’s an obvious thing, really, but it proves that blogging will drive traffic. Granted, I promote my posts everywhere that I can–I don’t simply write the posts and let them sit there unappreciated. (Networked Blogs is a great way to automate cross-posting of your blog to your social accounts, but be careful using it.)

These are some very simple things you can find in your own Google analytics. What are the most important things you look for in your reports?

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