Most Commonly Missed Opportunity for Small Businesses on Facebook

At my recent Basic Training workshop in Halifax I shared a quick tip that even some long-time Facebook users hadn’t taken advantage of. Take a quick peek at your Facebook profile where it shows your current employment.

Where to change your employment info in new Facebook Timeline

When you click that link, where does it take you? I’m still seeing a lot of small business owners and solopreneurs who haven’t linked that to their business page. For many people it is taking friends to an automatically created wiki page that has no branding and no “real” information about the business. What a missed opportunity.

Wrong Employment Page on Facebook

Fixing Your Link
If your link is wrong, take a few minutes now to change it. Just below your employment link, click “About”, then “Edit” the Work and Education Box. You may need to remove the current employment, or add a new one if you’ve just not updated it.

When you add your employment location in, make sure you link to the right business page. It should pop up as you start to type in your business name. Save the changes and voila! People who visit your Timeline will now be able to check out your business page.

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