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Twitter Challenge from Blue Boat Social Marketing

This is a guest post from Cara Lynn Garvock, Blue Boat Social Marketing. If you’re going to take her up on the challenge, make sure you write down all your numbers first (followers, following, number of tweets, number of lists you’re on, etc) so you’ll easily be able to see how far you’ve come!

tweet sign walking jayI know there are more than a few of my readers who are struggling with Twitter. They don’t understand the value of it because they aren’t building any momentum: their conversations are few so they aren’t building relationships, and because they aren’t building relationships they aren’t growing their businesses. Rich relationships lead to speaking engagements, joint ventures, a bigger mailing list, client inquiries, and more!

If you are one of these readers, I want you to take on my Challenge over the next 7 days. Follow the instructions below every day. The process will take only 5-10 minutes but I guarantee this short routine will gain you followers and build relationships.

  1. Post a tweet letting your Followers know your Big Objective for the day, how you are feeling, or something personal/funny that happened on your way to work. If original content isn’t your strength, post a link to something you read in your email Inbox – perhaps a Globe and Mail article? Huffington Post article? Anything that your readers might expect to hear from you – make it relevant to your industry.
  2. Start reading your Timeline (aka Newsfeed, or Stream). Find at least two tweets that sound interesting, hit the Reply button, and send a comment to the person who tweeted it. (Who will receive this in their stream? The person who you are Replying to, and anyone who follows both you and the person who posted that original content.)
  3. Continue reading your stream. Find at least two tweets that are worthy of you ReTweeting them. Hit the ReTweet button. Add your own comment if you feel inspired. (Who will receive this in their stream? The person who posted that original content, and anyone who follows you.)
  4. If you are using Twitter on the Web, look over to your right where it says “Who to Follow” and click on one or two names. If they look interesting, Follow them.
  5. Click on Your Activity tab (my tab says @CLGarvock) and send thanks to anyone who has ReTweeted your content. If anyone has Replied to you, keep the conversation going if it feels right, by Replying to them. Click on anyone who has followed you, read their profile, and Follow them if they look interesting enough.
  6. Keep scanning your timeline for another minute or so in case the above activity garners any responses. You want to be online to reply in turn.

Twitter blue bird conversationBe miserly with your time and don’t let this turn into 15 minutes. Try varying the time of day to test whether that has an effect on your results. Use a countdown timer. Note the number of Followers/ees before and after the Challenge. Note how your attitude and comfort level have shifted over the period. Next week we’ll talk about how to be more intentional about who to Follow, ReTweet and Reply to. After the week is up, head over to the blog page to let me know your results!

Cara Lynn Garvock is a social media marketing strategist and coach. She helps business owners to take their marketing messages online where they accelerate client attraction, engagement and conversion. If you need tools, tips, and strategies to boost your social media activities, head over to to subscribe to her monthly newsletter.

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