35 Ways to Promote Your Social Media Profiles

25 Places to Promote Your Social Media Profiles

Now that you’ve got your Facebook Page, Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile all taken care of, you need to tell people you’re there.Social media is not like the Field of Dreams. If you build it, and don’t tell anyone it’s there, they will not come. Here are 25 ideas for places you can promote your social media presence.

  1. Business card
  2. Website
  3. Brochure
  4. Window/car decals
  5. Posters/signs
  6. Digital Screens (advertising TVs in waiting areas)
  7. Stationery
  8. Voice Mail
  9. Radio/TV ads
  10. E-Newsletters
  11. Magazine ads
  12. Newspaper ads
  13. Blog
  14. Online profiles (Manta, About.me, ContractMe.ca)
  15. Yellow Pages (if you still advertise there)
  16. Cross posting (inviting Twitter followers to find you on Facebook)
  17. Pay-per-Click advertising
  18. Banner ads on other websites or blogs
  19. Online Directories (Chamber of Commerce and other associations)
  20. Waiting Room signs
  21. Intake Forms
  22. Exit surveys
  23. Billboards
  24. E-mail signature (check this post for a suggestion)
  25. Lawn signs

Anita Hovey is the Head Twirp at Twirp Communications in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We provide social media training, workshops and management for small businesses and charities. Our specialty is women-focused organizations and women-owned businesses. If you need strategic advice, personalized training or someone to “just do it” for you, there’s a Twirp for that.

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