5 Business Uses for the Scribd Facebook App

Facebook Timeline PDF programIt’s not always easy using social media for business. Just when you get one thing figured out, something else crops up that you NEED to do. For example, maybe you’ve finally figured out how to post photos to your new Facebook Timeline. Now you’re thinking, “Hey. Wouldn’t it be great if people could see our {insert document here}?” So you try to post your PDF and it doesn’t work. Dang.

There is an easy solution to all your PDF sharing needs and it’s called Scribd (scr-eye-bd). Scribd has a fabulous, FREE app that will publish your PDF documents on a customizable Timeline tab.

Once you’ve created your account on Scribd and installed the app, share, share away! Here are some ideas of what you might want to share.

If you’re a restaurant, why not share your menu on Facebook? Let potential customers see what you have before they arrive. Make it tantilizing.

Think about the possibilities for a summer camp sign-up brochure or a description of the services you offer. All the accessibility of a status update, but with all the branding.

Price List
This is a great one for salons. Make it easy for customers to plan their budget for a day of pampering.

The best Halifax example I’ve seen of this is Rebel Space Indoor Playground. One of the PDFs available on their Facebook Timeline is for a space themed birthday party invitation. Just print, cut and hand out. I’m guessing busy moms love this one.

There is lots of potential in this for professional organizers, real estate agents, decorators, insurance agents and even contractors.  Give your clients a check list to help them organize their time, pantry, meals, renovation budget, household contents or even social media passwords.

The possibilities truly are endless. What’s the first PDF you’re going to add to your Facebook Timeline?

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  • Linda Daley Reply

    I’m thinking I’ll add my newsletter planning document. Going to play with this on the weekend. Thanks!

    May 2, 2012 at 5:02 am

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