Using Lists to Keep Track of Facebook News

Interest Segments for Facebook NewsfeedFacebook recently introduced a new feature to help you keep track of all the people and pages you’re following and find the information and news you want to see. While friend lists have been around for a while, “Interest Lists” were added to the mix more recently.

Friend Lists

Creating groups of people you are friends with can help you filter who gets to see which of your updates. You can easily create a Family, Close Friends, Work Colleagues and Bowling Buddies list and choose how many of those groups will be privvy to your updates about vacations, parties, children or hobbies.

To add a friend to a group/list, simply hover over their name, then hover over the “friends” box to reveal list, newsfeed and friend options for that person.

Interest Lists

These lists put the people and brands you are connected to in lists by the topics they post about. For example, I created a Social Media List for all of the social media businesses I follow on Facebook. I am a sometimes paper crafter in my spare time, so I’ve also created a crafting list for sharing my scrapbooking and cards. These lists can be public to share with others, or private just for you.

Segment pages on Facebook newsfeedTo add a page to an Interest List, visit the page and click on the settings cog/symbol to open up your menu of options. If you don’t have any lists yet, click on “Add to Interest Lists” and then create your first one.

All of your interest lists should appear under “Interests” in the left-hand column on your Home page. If you’re missing some lists, click on “more” to see everything you’ve created. When looking at the news from one of your Interest Lists you should be able to see all of the posts that have been made, without interference from Facebook’s Edgerank.

Create a New Routine

The hardest part about this, once you’ve got your lists set up and populated, will be remembering to use them. It is an extra step compared to simply scrolling through your newsfeed, but it could be the one step that keeps you from missing out on important updates from your friends.

Do you think Interest Lists are the key to newsfeed happiness for you? Let me know how you’re using them in the comments below.

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