To Keep Receiving Facebook Posts, Make Sure You Do This!

If you like receiving Facebook updates from your favourite businesses, there’s a new Facebook change you need to know about! Facebook now requires page admins to pay to promote posts if we want our content to be seen by our fans. If we do not pay to promote our posts, only about 10% of page “Likers” receive the updates on the Facebook home page feed. Bummer.

To *keep* receiving all posts from me–Anita Kirkbride, here at Twirp Communications | Social Media for Business, you have to hover my page name and turn on post notifications. This will ensure you get a notification every time I post on this Page. You can also choose “See First” to get all of our posts at the top of your newsfeed.

Do this for all of the pages that you care about and have been missing lately.

Have you seen this one making the rounds on Facebook lately? It started late in the summer, took a little break and now is back en force! During the first round I did all I could  to stem the hysteria by replying to the posts explaining how and why they were incorrect. However, this new version is basically true.

Does Facebook Require Pages to Pay to Promote Posts?

Facebook is still free. As a Page owner you can still post an update on your business page for free. Fans, or “likers”, will see the post in accordance with Facebook’s algorithm. So, for a long time now, you have not been reaching 100% of your fans anyhow.

There does seem to be a consensus among the experts that Facebook recently made a significant change to the algorithm that decreased the number of fans who will actually see these “free” updates. At the same time Facebook also rolled out Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories, both of which are pay-as-you-go options intended to increase the reach of your update.

Is a Page REQUIRED to use these paid options? No. Will using them improve your reach on Facebook? Most likely.

Now it’s up to you! Do these two things for all of the Facebook Pages you really want to see. Alternatively, try cleaning out your Facebook newsfeed and see if that helps.


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