6 Reasons to Stop Linking Facebook to Twitter

It’s been a whole three months since I’ve talked about the downfalls of auto-linking your Facebook Business Page to your Twitter account. I’ve tried to be nice about it, gently encouraging you to change your ways. NO MORE MRS. NICE TWIRP. This needs to stop.

A version of this article appeared on the Twirp Communications Facebook Page on November 5th. That was the day that I realized I had to post it where the offenders actually were hanging out if I wanted it to be seen. The offenders clearly weren’t seeing my posts on Twitter because they’re NOT. REALLY. THERE.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP auto-linking your Facebook Page posts to your Twitter feeds. That’s right. DON’T DO IT. By “auto-linking” I mean setting it up on Facebook, with the Twitter app, so that EVERY. THING. YOU. POST. Is AUTOMAGICALLY shared on Twitter. STOP IT.

1. Twitter only has 140 characters

You’re writing messages that are more than 140 characters when you do it on your Facebook page. That means that your Twitter followers don’t get the full message on Twitter. It gets cut off. Sometimes in really funny & inappropriate places.

2. It Links Back to Facebook

When you write something too long for Twitter and it gets cut off at 140 characters, the resulting link back to Facebook is a dead giveaway that you’ve auto-linked… it starts with fb.me. AND, if your reader is using a dashboard like Hootsuite, it says that the message was sent “via Facebook”. You’re not fooling anyone.

Twitter auto posted from Facebook in Hootsuite

3. I’m following you on Twitter NOT Facebook!

Your Twitter followers may not WANT to come to Facebook to read the rest of the post. Heck…they may not HAVE a Facebook account (there are more than a few). Then they get annoyed that you expect them to. And annoyed that they didn’t get the full message. What value does this message provide to Twitter followers?
twitter fb post 6

4. Engagement is the key to Twitter

If all of your posts are from Facebook to Twitter and you never do anything else on Twitter, it’s clear you’re not really engaging. You don’t CARE about your Twitter followers. At least, that’s what it LOOKS like to Twitter users. If you really wanted to engage with them, you’d be there, answering questions, having conversations, engaging. Not just treating us like sloppy seconds. Yes. That’s what I said. Auto-linking your FB to Twitter is like giving your Twitter followers sloppy seconds. Doesn’t sound very appetizing or ENGAGING does it?

5. Auto-linking and Hootsuite sometimes don’t mix

FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, if you are also using Hootsuite (aff.) to manage your social media,  don’t post to Facebook and Twitter if you have the accounts auto-linked. Just think about that. You post to Twitter. And Facebook. Then your Facebook automagically posts again to Twitter, cutting off the end of your post. The two posts appearing side by side.

6. Missed Opportunities

If you are auto-linking you can’t ask your Facebook fans to come follow you on Twitter… because then that post will appear on Twitter and that just makes you look inept. Think about it. I’m on Twitter and I see your post asking me to follow you on Twitter? How did I see the post in the first place? Oh…right…I’m already following you!
twitter fb post 5

Saving Time in Social Media

Look. I get it. Social media is TIME-CONSUMING. You’re trying to find some shortcuts. The bottom line is, just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

If you are running multiple social media profiles and need to save time by cross posting, Hootsuite (aff.) is a much better choice. EVEN THEN you have to remember that Twitter is only 140 characters, so you can’t always post exactly the same message to every network.

If you don’t have time to customize your information for two different audiences/networks, you need to re-evaluate whether or not you should be on both of those networks.

Twitter is not a broadcast medium. You will not realize your full potential on Twitter if you treat it as such.

The idea is you need to be social on whichever platform you’re using. It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason. If you’re voice on Twitter is completely automated… well… that’s just not the kind of business I want to socialize with.

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  • Daley Progress Reply

    Sooooooooooo right! I get annoyed at all that stuff you mention too.

    November 21, 2012 at 7:05 am
    • Anita Hovey Reply

      Apparently I annoyed some people today because one of the companies mentioned here unfollowed me 🙂

      November 21, 2012 at 9:28 pm
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