The Best Auto-Responder I’ve Ever Received

best automatic email responseI recently received the following timed auto-responder after downloading a free e-book from a large social media company. {I’ve removed the names, etc…I don’t want you to think they sent it this way.}

Hey Anita,

I noticed you checked out our social media marketing resources. Thanks for your interest in {company name}!

Not sure if you’re interested in learning more about {company name} social media management platform, so I have a quick question for you:

Which one of these categories do you fit into?

A. I’d love to have a chat! Please contact me today to schedule a call.
B. I’m interested and may want to talk sometime after ______.
C. I’m just perusing and don’t want to talk to you.
D. These options stink – please send true/false questions going forward.

Let me know and I’ll act accordingly! Thanks!

{contact info}

{tag line} { link}

Click here to never hear from me again

This is, without doubt, the best auto-responder I’ve received. I assume it’s an auto-responder at least. I really had to think about it though, because it doesn’t really read like the automation we normally get, does it?

It was so good, I actually responded! Unfortunately I’m not in the market for this company’s service, but I just really wanted to respond to such a well-written e-mail. It’s different. It’s fun. It’s catchy.

It’s REAL.

Well, as real as auto-responders get. Those four options…to me they are exactly what I would think if I were in any of those positions (ok…maybe not the true/false thing).

But the best part is at the very bottom. “Click here to never hear from me again.” Isn’t that what we all want from unwanted e-mail marketing? We don’t want to “update our preferences. Or “unsubscribe”…because we didn’t subscribe to this one in the first place. We just never want to hear from them again.

Is your e-mail marketing this clear? Are you using the language that’s in your customers’ minds and on their tongues? Or are you stuck in corporate-speak?

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  • Andrea Naomi Reply

    Hey Anita this is a great post! Plus it really showcases how companies are modifying their email marketing strategies to build a more receptive and trustworthy conversation with their subscribers! To me it says I really care about you as a subscriber. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    November 16, 2012 at 7:11 am
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