Social Media Audit-Common Themes

One of the social media management services I have been called on to do often is a social media audit – a thorough look at a client’s social profiles, resulting in a report of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Here are some of the most common missed opportunities for small businesses in the social space.

Facebook Apps for Business Pages

There are many things you can do on your business page with Facebook apps. If you want to share a PDF menu, application form or brochure, you can add Scribd for Pages. If you are using Eventbrite to manage your upcoming events, you should add the Eventbrite app for Pages so people can get their ticket right from your Facebook page.

Once you’ve installed the apps that will help you do business on your page, consider replacing the default thumbnail image with a customized, branded one. The final step is to rearrange the apps in the best order. You have 11 app boxes to use–the 12th one is Photos and it cannot be moved. The 11 boxes can all be switched up, bringing a current Facebook contest to the forefront so your fans can see where to enter, or perhaps your e-newsletter sign-up form.

Posts by Others

Many pages are missing the opportunity of engaging with their fans by NOT responding to comments! Someone, presumably a fan, has taken the time to come to your page and post a comment or question and you’re not responding? If they’ve given you a compliment a simple “Thanks! So glad you enjoyed your meal” will suffice. If they’ve asked a question…well…would you ignore them if they had phoned the office?


The corporate logo you use every day may not be the best thing to put in your avatar box (the smaller of the two pictures on your Business Page. The avatar is what follows your page around Facebook and represents you as you comment on other pages. If your logo happens to be square, then by all means use it as your avatar. If, however, your logo is rectangular it will either be cut off or be very small. Either way, it probably won’t look good as an avatar. If this is the case, consider having your designer come up with an alternate logo to use in cases like this. Another idea is to use just the image part of your logo as the avatar. Alternatively you can go with something completely different, like a product image, or your headshot.

These are only three things I see repeated from page to page. No matter what you do in business, you have to take things one step at a time…so, there you have the next three steps in your Facebook marketing plan.


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