Celebrating 100 Blog Posts!

100 blog posts celebrationConfession time.

At 9:30 last night I sat down to figure out what I would write a blog post about today. Yup. This was a last minute topic. I’m not normally like that. I have a plan! I’m trying to post on a schedule more, but being just in the beginning stages of developing that content schedule, it’s hard to change my routine of just posting the next topic when it’s ready.

I decided for New Year’s that I would try to post things of a more positive nature more often, and out of that began Winning Weeks! There was a tremendous amount of feedback on my Embeddable Tweets post, so I started thinking of doing regular tutorials like that. There. Boom. Two weeks out of the month covered.

Here’s the problem. I have more posts scheduled for the above themes, but I can’t post them until next month. That leaves me with today’s spot empty! I was having a minor panic attack this weekend with all of the pressure to be consistent and have a post up today.

When I logged in tonight I noticed that this would be my 100th blog post! That’s a pretty cool milestone for me. So, I must have had something to say in those last 99 posts. I thought it would be fun to look back and see what was most popular.

Looking at my Google Analytics I found some interesting tidbits.

  1. The blog post with the most unique page views was Branding Gone Too Far. That’s the one where I talk about the “bird-like-things” I had attached to my hair. I can’t say the actual word again because WOW did that ever mess with my traffic…and still does! Talking about that really brings in the new people, but if they’re not people who are interested in social media, then it’s a waste. Accidental lesson learned.
  2. The next most popular post, according to unique page views, was What the Tartfiddle is a Hashtag? At least this one is legitimately popular… unless you think a lot of people were searching for “tartfiddle”?
  3. The post that kept people engaged for the longest was How Pinning Can Help Your Business. 
  4. And the always fun Reasons You Shouldn’t Auto Post Facebook to Twitter or Twitter to Facebook, were the next most popular posts.

If those statistics are any indication of what YOU want from me on a regular basis…this post won’t go very far 🙂 You like a little controversy…a little bite…and a lot of snark, I think.

Don’t let content block happen to you. Set up a content calendar for yourself. It really does make things easier…once you get going! What are your tricks for finding a new blog post idea?


5 thoughts on “Celebrating 100 Blog Posts!”

  1. Always interesting to look at the stats. Dare I say Angry Birds? OK you can delete this comment if it’ll mess up your stats 🙂
    Here’s how I wrote a great article this week. I had to speak to The Group and had to figure out what to talk about. I thought, “What are these people really interested in?” Productivity and time saving came immediately to mind. That led me quickly to ‘content that saves time’ and a new article (and presentation) was born. I think this will work good even if you have to imagine a group of people to present to.
    Maybe I should write a blog post about this too. So, commenting on other people’s blogs is another way to get content ideas 😉

    • I got a few ideas out of your talk Linda… my problem is that I come up with great ideas when I have no way of writing them down to remember…in the shower, while I’m driving, etc…

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