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Winning Week 2 — House Beautiful at Globes and Oreo Slam Dunk

Like any silicon-blooded geek, I was watching the Golden Globes on two screens this year. I had to watch what people were tweeting about the dresses, the stars, the movies and the monologues. While I was flipping around, I came across this tweet from House Beautiful.

Live Tweeting During Major Event

Obviously they had planned this one ahead of time as they had put together a great line-up of eight classic house “sets” from the movies. It was perfect timing…people had been watching for 47 minutes (or more if they watched the red carpet stuff), so they were likely surfing around to see what people were talking about…I was! It wasn’t during the ever-popular monologue, when it could have been missed entirely.

Not every great tweet has been planned for months in advance, however. Check out this AWESOMENESS from the official Oreo account during the Superbowl power outage. That’s right. This tweet happened DURING the power outage. Way to take advantage Oreo! (ignore the time code…it’s wrong)


What big events are coming up that your followers will be watching or participating in? How can you be part of those conversations? Start planning now…but be ready to be spontaneous, too.

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