Anyone Can Find Business on Twitter

That’s right… ANYONE. The next time someone says “Twitter is just a bunch of nonsense” I want you to share a link to this post.

Here’s an example of someone looking for a freakin’ floor waxer on Twitter. And you know what? Within two hours he had a recommendation for one and a reply from one. I don’t know if they ever did business, but it’s as good as a business card at a networking event, isn’t it?


Admit it. If you ask for a recommendation on Twitter and someone in that business actually responds, you automatically think they’re a little bit cooler, and maybe more customer-service oriented, than their competition, don’t you? Or, at the very least, you might think, “Well, he’s on Twitter. He’s keeping up with the times. He probably won’t show up with lemons and a scrubbie to do the job.”

Here’s another example… I didn’t find Cheachie’s Twitter handle until after, but we convinced this person to try them the next time they’re looking for great food. Somewhere in the conversation I agreed that the food at Cheachie’s is fabulous.

And because three is just a good number of examples to post, here’s one more. Someone at The Foggy Goggle is looking for a naturopath. If you go look at the original tweet you’ll see they received six recommendations. Not one of them was from a naturopath… what a missed opportunity. At the same time, five people recommended five different naturopaths. On Twitter. Willingly. Freely. Publicly.


If you’re not monitoring Twitter for opportunities for your business what opportunities are you missing out on? Is your competition watching for conversations and responding? If you complain that nobody on Twitter wants to talk about your business, or business in general, you’d better check those assumptions. If a professional floor waxer can find business on Twitter, can’t you?


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