Twitter DMs, or private messages, can be a great communication tool when used properly. However, many people are still abusing the privilege.

What do you talk about most on Twitter?

This is a Wordle I made the other night based on my Twitter history. It’s interesting to look at this type of graphic representation of your tweet stream once in a while. It really shows you what you’re doing and makes it quite easy to see if you’re doing Twitter “wrong” or “right”. (I put those in quotes because there are many ways to be wrong or right on Twitter.)

Here’s what I notice about mine:

    • RT is the most common word I tweet. That’s good. I like that. To me, that’s one step in the “right” direction.
    • William Murray is the person I talk to the most, currently. Marc Ensign seems to be a close second. Fitting… they’re both pretty good guys.
    • Social media is another phrase I tweet a lot. Also good since that is what I purport to know about!
    • “Thanks” is big in my world. Another step in the right direction.

To get your own Twitter-based Wordle, start with to get your TweetCloud. Then you can automagically turn your cloud into a Wordle. Please share your Tweet Wordles in the comments… I really would love to see. And tell me what you’ve learned from yours!

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