The Stress of Going Solo

This is a guest post by Samantha Bennett, Focus Administrative Solutions. Samantha’s team helps Twirp Communications keep up, so that we can keep you going on social media. It’s the business equivalent of “the circle of life”.social media manager for business

More and more people are creating their own businesses and becoming an entrepreneur which is a wonderful thing. Speaking personally it’s freeing and gives you a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. You have a passion and want to share it with people! So out you go, creating your own business and you, like I did, may quickly realize a few things about being in business by yourself:

  • It’s lonely being a solo entrepreneur, being isolated in your home office.
  • There are a lot of other sides of owning and running a business you didn’t realize, or find you aren’t good at.
  • You don’t know how to transition from doing “tasks” to managing and building your business.
  • You feel as though you have to do everything yourself.
  • You find it’s hard to establish and complete realistic and achievable goals.
  • You spend ALL your time on your business and have lost your personal life.

Most people think that once you start your own business you can focus on just that one thing you love to do; no more of the other stuff your bosses made you do in the past that you don’t like. Wrong! There are so many other parts of business that you have to focus on, such as marketing, research, administrative tasks, bookkeeping, office supplies, ordering and so much more! Even I, being in the administrative field, found it hard to fit in my own administrative tasks. Our focus is pulled in so many directions that we all find we are unable to concentrate on those important revenue building tasks. What does this mean? It means your revenue isn’t going increase as much as you want it to and your business can only grow so fast. So what are we, as business owners, going to do? Work harder and longer to get it all done?

Is there another option? Yes there is! Having a good support team can make all the difference in the world. Many business owners might be scared about the added expense of hiring others to help them, especially when starting out, I know I was! But this could be the best time to do it. Starting your business out on the right foot with the right support system, including bookkeepers, marketing support and virtual administrative assistants, just to name a few, allows you to focus your time and attention on those revenue-building tasks. It helps to keep your business growing, while others are able to lend support in the background so that you don’t drown in a sea of paperwork and end up playing the catch up game.

Another benefit of having a good support team is it really allows you to get out of your solitude in your home office and interact with people on a regular basis! It helps to build your brand recognition, since there are more people talking about your business on a regular basis and it builds a network of people who are there to support you.
My business may be built on the idea of supporting others, but once I realized I also needed a good support team, I saw that the possibilities are endless.

Remember “If you don’t have an assistant, you are the assistant”

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