Getting Ready to “Go Social”? Things to Think About

feedback-for-business-265x300Creating an “intake form” of sorts for Twirp Communications has been on my to-do list since I read this Daley Progress post. Finally a couple of weeks ago I sat down and put on paper the most important questions I would ask a prospective client coming to me for social media management services. This isn’t anything new–it’s not earth-shattering information. It is, however, the process I use to both show a client there’s more to Twitter than 140 characters, and that they need to put some thought into it before hiring someone to help.

Download Twirp Communications’ Intake Form

Even if you’ve been engaging on social media for years, you might find it useful to go through these questions and really think about them. Yes, some of the information is peripheral, but when was the last time you REALLY thought about your goals for social media? And the second most important question is “How are you tracking the success/ROI of your current efforts?” If you’re not tracking your current efforts it will be hard to track the improvement.

The process of going through these questions, and the ones that are brought up in the discussion, is essential for me to know whether or not we’re a good fit. If you have unrealistic goals, or your content ideas are to copy your competitor, or if you’re finally giving up your ad in the Yellow Pages, it’s all good information to discuss.

I would love to know what other questions you think a social media consultant should ask before entering into a contract. I know there are tons more, and I’ve only scratched the very basic surface with this document. These are the questions I felt I would ask nearly every potential client, but I know I’ve asked many others that surface throughout the conversation. Let me know your best questions in the comments!


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