How to Find Leads on Twitter

A post by Gary Vaynerchuk inspired me to show Halifax business owners just how easy it is to find leads on Twitter… and to do it regularly. Gary even said I could “borrow” his idea. So, here goes! is the most useful url you’ve never used. If you’re complaining about Twitter noise, try being a little more proactive and searching for people who are looking for you, not just waiting for them to find you. Of course do this directly from Hootsuite, where I can save the search in a stream that is always updated for me when I login.

Halifax… here are some people who have recently been looking for help. Could you have helped?

Search term “Where Can I”

Jessica even included appropriate hashtags and STILL not a single insurance agent replied!

Halifax has the most universities per capita in Canada… but none replied to this tweet.




That stuff’s not cheap! Get her in your salon and she could be a customer for life!


Search Term “Looking For”

And here are a couple I passed along to Twitter friends:



Not only did I find all of these in just a few minutes of searching on one evening, I found one person looking to intern in a social media position… so I even found something to follow up on myself… and I wasn’t even looking for myself! I also found a ton of job postings, organizations looking for volunteers, people looking for roommates and hotel room shares, rides and more. If you’re not searching Twitter, you’re missing out.

Go ahead. Try searching for people looking for your product or service at and let me know how you make out!


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