Finding Leads on Twitter

This article is part of an ongoing series, inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk, to show Halifax businesses the variety of leads they’re missing out on by not using Twitter search. If you’re not finding leads on Twitter, you’re probably not looking in the right place.

Let’s talk about using the Twitter search tool. The Twitter search tool could be your greatest asset when trying to stir up some new customers for your business. People are always looking for some new product or service they’ve never used before and if they don’t know anyone who can offer them it they turn to the Internet!

Be that trusted friend in their time of need! Suggest your product or service!

Search term: “Looking for”


Erin is looking for a very particular Starbucks mug… And while someone did eventually tell her where she could find one, it certainly wasn’t the coffee chain!


Corinne really just wants a quiet place to have a drink and get some work done. With all the restaurants and bars around Halifax, not one answered her suggesting she come to their establishment. They could have made a new regular customer out of her.


There are tons of driving schools that offer this program around the city so you’d expect somebody could let Colin know if they were the right school for him.

All three of these people were looking for very specific products or services and not one business answered them! Talk about missed opportunities.

Search term: Recommend 

Another great way to find leads on Twitter is by checking out people asking for recommendations.


While a Letter Press printer is undoubtedly harder to find than say, a tattoo artist, if someone was watching, they could have just acquired a new client!


Speaking of Tattoo Artists, this would have been a great opportunity for one to speak up about their talents…


Lastly, Amy really needs a nice place for her pooch but none of the kennels around the city took the opportunity to tell her how happy they’d be to take care of her furry friend!

With such a wide variety of needs, Twitter Search could be your business’ best friend! Get on there and tell people about your product or service before somebody else offers theirs!


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  1. I found someone looking for a recommendation for which online email service to use. Hmm, I have to start doing these searches more frequently as you suggest. Wow, there’s tons of missed opportunity out there!

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