Finding leads on Twitter

This article is part of an ongoing series, inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk, to show Halifax businesses the variety of leads they’re missing out on by not using Twitter search.

Well readers, it’s that time again! The world (or at least Halifax) has finally recovered from the holidays and are back to their regular, Tweeting ways. In just minutes today, I found tons of examples of people who were looking for a specific product, needed recommendations and were wondering where they could find a particular service.

Search term: Looking for

Normally, I’m asking businesses to search for people to sell their product or service to but for this post, I’m looking at you, average person! If you’re the best wedding cake specialist there is, then you should definitely be calling Scanway, because they want you! Also, kudos to Scanway for not just advertising on the conventional sites! They’re using Twitter right! 🙂

In keeping pace with the food theme, what Le French Fix is looking for sounds like a pretty niche market. Any business that can help them out should definitely be looking in unconventional places (ahem, Twitter Search) for new clients. Sounds like they could be  a regular customer to us!

January has got to be one the of the busiest times of the year for gyms. That being said, there are so many great yoga studios around HRM and you’re meaning to tell me not one answered Alanna?! I hope somebody helps Alanna find her zen.

Search term: Recommend 

Nick is looking for an honest roofer. Sounds like he may have had a poor experience in the past so I bet any contractor or roofing company who came in and did a good job now would receive a glowing review! Isn’t that exactly the type of client every business wants?

While an indoor swimming pool may sound incredibly enjoyable, it doesn’t sound like Claire is having such a great time. Someone help this poor woman find an electrician so she can have a basement again.

// term: Where can I 

Evan clearly knows  his pet well enough to know what fleas look like. If there are vets (or retailers) out there who sell Advantage without the extra physical, they should definitely be letting people know!

Kristi is just looking for someone in need to GIVE her goodies. I’m not a food bank expert but I don’t think all of them take this sort of thing so if any do, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to step up and take them, for their in-need patrons!

Sounds like Sherry is having some tech problems. There are lots of tech-y shops around the city, so I’m willing to bet someone could help her out, if they took the time to find out that she’s searching.

Sounds like January is an incredibly productive time to be a business on Twitter. Has it been as productive for you? Have you and your business had any Twitter successes in 2014? I hope so!


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