Finding Leads on Twitter

This article is part of an ongoing series, inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk, to show Halifax businesses the variety of leads they’re missing out on by not using Twitter search.

There comes a point in our lives where we all need help finding something. Twitter search can help you do it.

@Karatgordon knows exactly what I mean. It’s not likely that any Halifax businesses can help her. She’s relying heavily on Emma here, but you understand what I’m saying, right? Be on the look out because you never know when you might see someone in need and gain a very loyal customer out of them!

//  Search term: Can anyone recommend

Take John here, as long as he’s driving he’ll need insurance so if you can help him, you definitely should be. He could potentially be a client for a VERY long time!

This could be a little harder but Jessie is open to suggestions. Should one of our local television providers take this opportunity to suggest some of their programming to him? It can’t hurt! You may not gain a lot out of one viewer but it could start a conversation that could lead to many 🙂

Search term: Where can I 

High waisted pants are in! I can think of a few places off the top of my head that carry them but sadly nobody answered Caitlin. Is it really so much to ask? All she wants is to be comfortable AND stylish!

// term: Anyone ?

C’mon, there are tons of hair salons around HRM… so that means there are tons of hairdressers… And not one of them is watching? Someone help this girl get a haircut! This was another great example of someone who could’ve been a repeat customer. If she’s anything like me, once she’s found a good hairdresser she holds onto them for dear life!

Girl guides! You and your leaders should be on here! Thomas really needs some cookies!

It may seem like an odd request but there has to be someone in the city hoarding such clothing… And really, who can blame her for looking for it? Who doesn’t want to dress up like Springsteen?

Even the most bizarre sounding requests could become leads and what business can say no to new customers? Even the most thriving company should be on the prowl!


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