Finding Leads on Twitter: Spring Edition

This article is part of an ongoing series, inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk, to show Halifax businesses the variety of leads they’re missing out on by not using Twitter search.

With the nicer weather finally upon us, lots of people are getting off their computers (and Twitter) and getting outside. Or doing work around the house. After a long hard winter our homes and yards are in need of a little TLC but not everyone knows where to start. If your business specializes in cleaning or home renovations, now is your time to shine! Get on Twitter Search and show your spring cleaning prowess!

Search term: Recommend

You may not be the company that Ms. Ginger was given a recommendation for but that doesn’t mean you can’t let her know you’re out there and you provide an awesome servince. It can’t hurt to throw your name in the hat for consideration. Who knows, if you’re the only person that answers, that might make her decision making easy!

// Olie has obviously worked with Cheryl and Steve before so it was nice of her to give them a little shout out. Hopefully they’re watching on Twitter because this could make a pretty good testimonial to share on their own site. Just because they aren’t directly getting business from Lisa (because they already have) doesn’t mean they shouldn’t awknowledge her tweet. It could be helpful down the line!

Changing seasons brings changing decor and Alison needs some help picking colours for her home. If you’re a colour consultant then you need to find her and offer your expertise, STAT!

Car detailing services are popular this time of year. Everyone wants to get the salt stains out of carpet or the smell of wet dog taken out before the summer. Not answering Sarah is instantly a wasted opportunity since she has an immediate need for a cleaning and chances are she’ll have her wet dog in her car again, so this could have been a repeat customer.

And can someone please let the Westin know that spring has sprung? I think they’ll be relieved 🙂


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