Can #Halifax Businesses Find Leads on Twitter?

This blog is part of an ongoing series, inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk, to show Halifax businesses there are leads to be found and followed up on, in the Twitterverse.


Search “Recommend ?”

Let’s start with my friend (yes, an actual person I know) Stefanie Shute. She’s renovating and moving into a new place and trying to choose a cable/internet provider. Eastlink responds within 8 minutes, on a Sunday evening, likely winning her business, while Bell didn’t respond until the next day… and not even first thing in the morning, but in the afternoon. Really, next day response isn’t so bad… except when your competition beats you to it. Click on the timestamp at the bottom of the tweet to see the entire conversation.

Search “Where Can I ?”

Oh… here’s a good one! Peter is looking to buy a specific, local farm’s beef products. That farm doesn’t appear to have a Twitter account and nobody answered him. One quick reply and they could have had a customer for life.

The number one Mooseheads fan is taking a break from QMJL to watch the Bruins (dare I say lose this series?) She needs a jersey, but none of the local sports stores responded. There are several Halifax businesses that could and should be monitoring for conversations about the teams that are still vying for the Stanley Cup.

Alyssa is new to Dartmouth and NEEDS ice cream! Who’s going to help her out? Where is Pinky Skippomore’s now? Or How about Cherry Berry or Menchie’s trying to woo her over to the frozen yogurt side?

And even parking lots can get in on the action. Kate needs a place to park her car and I doubt she’s going to go with Matt’s solution. I know at least one parkade in Halifax uses Twitter, but they clearly aren’t watching for leads.

Remember, no matter what your business, people are looking for and talking about your industry on Twitter. You can find leads by building a habit of searching for questions like above and adding industry-related words, and you can target/filter the results to your geographic location. Done in HootSuite and saved as a constantly-updating stream, you don’t even have to remember, it’s just always on.

I would love to hear from people who have had success finding leads this way so I can share your story! Let me know in the comments below.


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