Four Options for Managing Social Media While on Summer Vacation

heliopheliaHeliophilia… yes, that’s me. Last weekend’s burst of hot, sunny weather definitely reminded me of just how much I love going to the beach and has me planning out my Nova Scotia beach tour already. Of course, social media doesn’t really take a “beach day”, so here are four options for managing your social media over the summer so you, too, can enjoy a trip to the beach (I’ll also accept cottage, lake, or second cousin twice removed’s house).

Plan ahead

The best tool you have to finding time off is to plan it. If you know Friday is going to be a great beach day, figure out what you NEED to post on Friday and schedule it ahead of time. There are many great tools, of course Hootsuite is my personal favourite, but the native Facebook scheduler is also great. Once you’ve scheduled your content for the day, just check in from your phone a couple of time (no more than that or you’ll ruin your day off!) to respond to comments. You’ll be able to relax more knowing that your posts are going up and you’re not scrambling from your phone trying to upload pictures or files, or trying to recharge a battery, or, or, or…

Share the Day With Your Fans

Noooo… I don’t want to see your bikini or speedo pictures, but you could share a nice photo of the scenery, or your family, or dog, enjoying the day off. This, of course, depends on your business, but for the most part, your fans will engage with this type of personal content and likely congratulate you on taking the day off!


Let someone else manage your accounts for the day. Perhaps it’s time to let your assistant, or intern, or other staffer take a stab at engaging your fans. Provide some guidelines and let them have fun with it for a day. Maybe you’ll discover they’re better at it than you and you’ll never have to touch Facebook again! You can even make it a fun competition or reward if you have a bigger staff to choose from… can you assign one staffer to each Friday of the summer? What’s Suzie Surfer going to post this week? Let your employees showcase their own personalities for that one day… your fans will love it. Of course, there’s always the option to hire Twirp Communications Inc. to manage it for you, too 😉

GASP! Actually Shut DOWN???

Yes. You can do it. You can let your Facebook and Twitter profiles remain silent for a day (or a week). It’s ok… most people understand the need to take vacation and quite honestly, most of you dear readers aren’t in the type of business that people expect you to be there 24/7 to answer their questions. Whether you choose to “announce” your social media vacation or not is completely up to you. It can make it easier for fans because they’ll see you won’t be responding until Monday. If you choose to make such an announcement, please ensure your page/profile isn’t connected to your home address… we don’t want to give any would-be robbers the info they need to break in while your house is unguarded.

See you at the beach(es)… I’ll be the one checking my phone and taking pictures… twice only.

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