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Social Media Masterminding for your Small Business

social media mastermindI love a good mastermind. Recently I had a day full of materminding with Team Twirp in the morning and a personal blogging mastermind session with Daley Progress in the afternoon. A good mastermind session can help you accomplish so much. Here are some ways social media masterminding helps you with your social media strategy.


I love the part of Team Twirp where we go around the table and each member talks about their upcoming opportunities. Everyone always gets into this part, coming up with ideas to help the other person get the word out about their new product or service offering. You know the old saying, “two heads are better than one”? Masterminding is a perfect example of this. If you need new ideas for content, contests, posts, pictures, videos or blogs, a mastermind with some trusted advisors can give you all the inspiration you need to create! During the one session with Daley Progress I wrote drafts of two blog posts and came up with ideas for several more, while Linda made a list of several ideas for herself… all while we chatted, ate and enjoyed the sun in her garden. Later, Linda sent me the nugget of an idea to write this post as well!

Idea Vetting

A mastermind is also a great place to run your idea past potential clients. For me, this is a close second to the brainstorming benefits. Who doesn’t like to have a second opinion about a new idea before you go public? Generally, a mastermind is a safe environment in which to check something out. If you’re out to lunch on this one, the group will tell you. Or, they may help you fill in the missing pieces, add extra detail, or give you the confidence to move forward with that new idea. Heck, I’ve even had people say “You’re not charging enough for that.”


social media workshop for businessWhether you’re looking for a new, simple photo editing program, a social media tool that does XYZ or a person to help you make videos for your blog, someone in that mastermind group is going to have a suggestion. Every time Team Twirp meets someone has a new program or app to share. We’ve discovered My Pinterest Quotes, Canva, Click to Tweet and Share as Image to name just a few. Sometimes I bring these programs to the table, other times the members know of things I haven’t yet discovered.


There’s also the hidden benefit of networking with a group of professionals. In a mastermind kind of setting they will get to know your business intimately. If you join a mastermind that meets regularly, as your business grows and changes, the other members will be uniquely primed to refer business to you when they see someone you needs you. While this isn’t the main goal of a social media mastermind, I have watched business transactions occur in the room. Not to mention, if you’re on the ball, you can tweet or post a picture of your mastermind group and get some retweets or shares from the other members, thereby perhaps gaining some new fans!


Another benefit of a regular mastermind group is the consistency you’ll enjoy in creating a routine. Monthly meetings help you to focus on short periods of time, in which you can more easily accomplish your goals, and motivate you through the accountability of having to report back to the group what you accomplished this month.

If you think a mastermind would be helpful for your social media consistency, read more about Team Twirp and join us in September! Here is my favourite testimonial from member Debi Hartlen-MacDonald, New Life Business Solutions.

I’m sitting in my TEAM TWIRP session this morning wondering just how I would get through the massive learning curve of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as marketing strategies for my business without Anita from Twirp Communications. In January 2012 I committed to learning social media from a strategic and technical point of view and Anita has been my saviour – THANKS!!!!

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