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Winning Week: How to use #TBT to Get Your Message Across

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this great Throwback Thursday (#TBT) tweet, it could be worth a thousand pounds… of infill!

This tweet by @SaveBedfordBasin caught my eye last week. I view Twitter mainly via my Hootsuite dashboard, so at the time I couldn’t see the picture being alluded to. Knowing a bit about the work of the group, the tweet intrigued me enough to click through to see the picture. I was appropriately shocked by the change in the Bedford Basin’s shoreline. When you drive by the changes daily, it’s easy to forget those buildings are standing where water used to be.

Kudos to Sandra, the manager of @SaveBedfordBasin for the great use of a very popular meme to further the cause and awareness about the infilling. This is a common tactic used in advocacy speeches, presentations, campaigns… why not adapt it to social media posts?

Social media doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes the simplest things work the best. There are lots of memes and trends out there. I’m sure you can find one to fit your business or cause. You just need to get creative.

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