My Favourite Halifax Twitter Accounts

Twitter still seems to be the mysterious social network for many new entrepreneurs. The @ and # symbols make it look like we’re speaking another language…and sometimes we are! Twitter is actually one of the easiest social networks to use, when you compare it to the complexity of Facebook or Linkedin, yet so many people are scared off by the symbols, acronyms, short-cut phrases and hashtags. Sometimes all you need is a good list of people to follow to get you going on Twitter. Here are some of my favourite local Halifax Twitter accounts to follow. If you’re new to Twitter, just try starting a conversation with any of these people and I’ll be they will tweet you back!

Editor’s note: Some of these accounts are no longer run by the same people, and some have moved out of Halifax, but they’re all still worthy of a follow!


  1. TheRedStagHfx – a fabulous downtown restaurant, but also fun to follow on Twitter. You just never know what Adam (@PurcelliRaptor) might do next.
  2. CurtainsAreOpen – Colleen runs a great lifestyle blog as well as a grahic design company. She did the graphic headers (sans text headlines) for these 12 Days blog posts and has done some other work for Twirp.
  3. WilliamCMurray – a professor in the Tourism and Business Department at MSVU, and a great conversationalist on Twitter. Often found back and forthing with Marc Ensign, who only gets mentioned because he’s special…not local.
  4. MichelleMcCann – Michelle runs Bold & Italic Social Communications in Truro, NS, but still hangs out here in Halifax once in a while. Michelle has the ear of some of the biggest festivals in Halifax, so check her out for the latest news on those and business in Truro.
  5. DaleyProgress – Linda provides lots of great tips and examples of enewsletter marketing.
  6. ThePhoneLadyCA – Mary Jane is relatively new to Twitter…ask her how I convinced her to start using it more. And then congratulate her on being named one of the Top 5 Canadian Business Blogs!
  7. NSRasta – You might not find Rasta talking too much about business, but if you want to learn how to talk to people on Twitter…he spends a lot of time there pontificating, and chatting with everyone.
  8. PearceAuto – Calvin, too, is relatively new to Twitter, but he’s already a local Twitter celebrity, following and connecting with everyone and truly trying to help others, both on Twitter and off. If you need a new, used car, definitely tweet Calvin.
  9. Webconomist – Giles is the one to follow if you want to hear about big data and think big thoughts about the future of social media.
  10. NickCalder – Following Nick is not for the faint of heart…but if you like blatant sarcasm, you’ll find his stream entertaining.
  11. ShariTucker – Yeah, she may be my baby sister, but if you like travel and adventures, she’s blogging her way around the world (almost literally). You just never know what interesting situation she will find herself in next. And at least there are amazing photos of her trips to see along the way.
  12. BrightWhite – Follow Jeff if you’re interested in inbound marketing or smoking…the BBQ kind, not the cancer stick kind. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been jealous of Jeff’s pictures of amazing things he’s smoking (No, I just can’t make that sound right.)

Who did I miss? Got another Halifax tweeter that’s your favourite? Maybe I just haven’t discovered them yet!


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