11 Great Facebook Pages to Follow for Social Media Advice

So maybe you haven’t quite made it to Twitter yet and yesterday’s post listing 12 great Halifax Twitter accounts to follow wasn’t the best fit for you. Today’s post is all about Facebook. Whether you’re looking for local pages to follow (AHEM Twirp Communications), or sources of social media information, there is something for everyone on Facebook. Here are some great Pages to get you started.

Facebook Pages about Social Media

Social Identities – Hugh Briss is a graphic designer, but spends a lot of time examining and investigating all aspects of Facebook. He often discovers interesting little tricks and tidbits most of us would miss because we’re not graphic designers. Always full of great information for the amateur Facebook marketer.

Jon Loomer – Jon is *THE* Facebook advertising guru. I haven’t come across anyone else that concentrates on Facebook advertising to the same degree as Jon. He has online training courses for Facebook Advertising, as well as for the Power Editor option. Like Hugh, he is always delving deeper into the changes in Facebook and bringing a level-headed approach to dealing with them.

Mari Smith – Mari “like Ferrari” helps entrepreneurs learn how to leverage Facebook. She’s often the first to talk about big changes coming to the network, and does so in layman’s terms that even a Facebook newbie can understand.

Mashable – Lots of info on all things digital, social media and online. Sometimes entertaining, sometimes educational. Also check out Mashable Social Media.

Great Brands on Facebook

If you’re more the kind of person who learns by example, then check out some of these big brands to see how they’re using the network to build a community around their brand.

Oreo – I also highly recommend you follow Oreo on Vine. I love their videos.

Skittles – There is just so much fun you can have with rainbows. It’s also interesting to look at the “voice” they use for the Skittles brand…a bit sarcastic and irreverent.

Ok, ok. I know Oreo and Skittles probably have more of a budget than you do. So here are a couple of smaller, local businesses that have great Facebook Pages to emulate.

Garrison Brewing Company – They have great photography and I’m fairly certain the majority of it is not professional. They have a great mix of product shots and behind the scenes stuff and they are great at building up the buzz around product launches.

Small Jobs Plumbing – One of the few Red Seal Certified female plumbers in the country, Small Jobs has a page full of useful information on plumbing, personal tidbits so you get to know Tammy & Sherry, as well as referrals and recommendations for other local businesses. They’re getting it right.

Kameleon Jewelry – A lot of people don’t even know this business is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They play on social like the big guys, with their branded games and constant stream of posts and giveaways. I’m a big fan of the jewelry and their social media (even if they don’t follow all of Facebook’s rules for contests…they’re getting away with it, for now).

NS SPCA – The internet loves cats and dogs, so it shouldn’t be difficult for any animal-focused organization to put out popular content. The local chapter of the SPCA does a great job, featuring cats and dogs available for adoption…and again, they don’t have the budget to be hiring professional photographers! Just show us your stuff, like the SPCA.

I’m always on the lookout for great examples of Halifax social media. If you think a Facebook Page, or Twitter account from Halifax is particularly fabulous, give them a shoutout in the comments so I can check them out.




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