url Tagging in Hootsuite for Analytics Tracking

Honestly, the most difficult part of using Hootsuite (aff) to add url parameters (url tagging) to your shortened links is remembering to do it. It really is very simple and can make your Google analytics reports make so much more sense.

Define your url tagging strategy

Like anything else, you can’t say you’re successful if you can’t measure that success. If you can’t remember exactly which campaigns you want to track and how they were worded, you’ll end up with three versions of each campaign, which will make your analysis more difficult in the end.

Here’s what you need to decide:
1. What platforms will I use and do I need to track each one separately?
2. What methods will I use on each platform? i.e. post, ad, photo, link, video
3. What will I call each campaign? i.e. “Review & Win” vs. “Review and Win”. It is important to use the same wording each time so your results will be properly grouped.

How to use the Hootsuite url parameter feature

Tips for efficient use of the Hootsuite url parameter feature

1. Create saved “presets” for each variation of each campaign.
2. Link your GA to your Hootsuite (this is a paid upgrade within your reports)
3. Always double check that you’re using the right preset and that the codes match what you intended. I have unintentionally changed my presets a few times.

Currently I have about 20 presets in my Hootsuite list, for three clients. It saves a lot of time by me not having to remember exactly how something was set up. How will you use the url tagging feature?


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