Finding Leads with Twitter Advanced Search: Hali-day Edition

2015_11_30_Finding-Leads-on-Twitter_PinterestIt’s almost Christmas and the Twitterverse is ripe with potential clients looking for your services, products and recommendations. If you’re not using Twitter advanced search to monitor conversations about your product offering or brand, you’re missing out. If you’re not simply having looking at Twitter for ways to help others, you’re missing out. If you’re not having conversations on Twitter and building relationships…now you’re REALLY missing out on the magic of Twitter for small business.

So many small businesses in Halifax think their clients are not on Twitter. They’re automating their Twitter presence because it’s the easy way to get content on there. But easy on Twitter doesn’t work. Automation won’t help you find the client conversations you should be part of. Here are just a few conversations I found in the last two weeks, by doing very simple searches, that local businesses could be part of.

There must be some appliance repair shops on Twitter Halifax? We can’t have a broken oven at Christmas! How will we make turkey dinner and bake cookies?

Someone help Merv find his giant edible candy canes!

I am very sure there are restaurants that deliver to Fairview, but nobody answered this tweet.

Please get Deborah Ho-Ho Hopey some hot buttered rum!

In the category of “I never thought to think someone might need this”…

If you’re looking for a Christmas idea for Nicole… Or if you sell earbuds…

Brian’s looking for a safe, snow-free place to leave his car for a while this winter. Surely someone can help a guy out?

We live near the ocean…there are more than a couple of recommendations for seafood chowder. But not one restaurant chimed in to tempt the account owner to come in to visit? Kudos to Your Father’s Moustache for answering their tag in the conversation.

And how about some mistletoe? Can’t have a Merry Kissmas with out mistletoe!

And the winner is… @IamMissVT who appears to work in heating and ventilation, caught this tweet from a frustrated homeowner (I feel his pain, I barely know how to run my system), and promised to get him some info! #FTW

If Twitter isn’t “working” for you, maybe it’s time to try a new perspective. Stop broadcasting and start engaging. start using Twitter advanced search to find your clients!


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