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Top 3 Social Media Goals for Small Business

It’s the beginning of a new year and we’re all reading lots about all the new things we should be doing to market our businesses. Articles abound about social media goals and how to set them. There are three things I think every small business should focus on this year.

Investigate a New Social Network

If you’ve been focusing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, maybe you’re getting bored. Or maybe you aren’t seeing the benefits you’d like. There are literally hundreds of social networks out there, so maybe it’s time you consider a new one. Whether it’s in addition to, or to replace, your current networks, here are the top ones a small business might want to consider:

  • Snapchat – For marketing to millenials.
  • Instagram – For highly visual businesses, especially, but certainly not limited to, retail, food, fashion, home decor and fitness.
  • Wishbone – Give your audience a chance to vote between two photos. Big with millenials.
  • Peach – The latest addition to the messaging app roster. Some early adopters say this will replace Snapchat!

In case you didn’t notice, all of these apps are completely managed from your phone or mobile device. If you’re still sporting a flip phone, it’s time to upgrade. Not everything can be done from a desktop computer anymore! If you want to read about some other networks poised for popularity, check out this Forbes article.


live streaming quoteLive-streaming, in its many forms is coming on strong this year. Think of this as the new way to free-webinar, mastermind, interview, inspire or share! There are so many ways to use live-streaming, there has to be one that will work for your business. Here are some of the platforms you can investigate:

  • Blab – Blab is, of course, my personal favourite. With up to four people on screen together, this is a great way to mastermind, network, learn or conduct panel discussions that are broadcast live to the world! I love the ability to have live conversations as a form of interaction. Available on iOs and desktops, no Android app yet.
  • Periscope/Meerkat/Facebook Live – I’m lumping these all together because they function very similarly. They are all based on monologues. You. On screen. Talking to your audience about something. Interaction is mainly via written comments.
  • Twitch/Mirrativ – If you’re a gamer, this could be for you. Share live-streams of you playing your favourite games. If you don’t have young children, trust me, there are hundreds of YouTube stars who made their reputation with Twitch videos, playing things like Minecraft, Clash of Clans, and any other game you can think of. Mirrativ is similar, but lets you broadcast anything on your device…think tutorials.

It’s not about you

I’ve saved the most-important goal for last. We MUST figure out how to be social without simply bombarding our followers with advertising. It’s well past time to start showing more about your business than traditional ‘ads’ moved to Facebook. What do your ideal customers want to know about your product or service? If you’re a retailer, they want to see the lifestyle they’ll enjoy by purchasing your product! Restaurant? Show them the fun they’ll have with friends when they choose to dine with you. Life coach? Show them a future after working with you. It’s about done to death, but tell stories. The story could be ‘this is what your house could feel like’, or ‘this is the romantic dinner you’ll have in our restaurant.’

Now, of course you can go write goals about increasing numbers, improving engagement, and better sales, but I guarantee if you work the above three social media goals into your plans for 2016, you are going to ROCK IT!


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