The Social Coast Episode 9: Storytelling for Small Business

Hot on the heels of our trip to Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, Tina and I discuss “storytelling”, one of the most referenced words/things/techniques at the conference. With Tina’s expertise in a previous life, of teaching story theory, and the help of another local entrepreneur, we tackle the theory and implementation of The Hero’s Journey. This goes way beyond the idea of having a beginning, middle and end to your story. And then we have some fun with a made up brand and “storytelling” our way through a piece of content for them. On the fly. It was good. You really need to come watch the whole thing.

Storytelling resources

Video: The Hero’s Journey¬†(This is the video on storytelling theory we viewed before starting the recording.) And here is Park’s breakdown of The Hero’s Journey…I think you’ll hear pretty much what we heard in his session if you listen to this.

Park Howell’s website: The Business of Story

Resources recommended by Park Howell in his #SMMW16 workshop:

  • Book: The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human,¬†Jonathon Gottschall
  • Podcast: Business of Story
  • Ted Talk: Trust, Morality and Oxytocin

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  1. Thanks for including me in your great piece. Just a quick clarification for your readers: Jonathan Gottschall’s book is The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human. I probably botched the title from the stage. : )


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