The Social Coast Episode 10: How Businesses Should Handle Tragedy on Social Media

When natural disasters happen a lot of social media energy is focused on them. From wildfires to floods, our thoughts turn to how businesses should, or should not, participate in the discussions around tragedies on social media. Watch below as we discuss the etiquette of handling tragedy, from a business perspective.¬†How to decide when to post and when to ignore the news: it’s a difficult decision for businesses small and large alike. We’ll be chatting about different types of tragic events that are commonly trending on social media and helping small businesses figure out when, what and how to post, if they should post at all.

  • When is it ok to post about a tragic situation?
  • Should businesses post regular content while a tragedy is unfolding?
  • Should you “brand” your message?
  • Tragedies include: bullying leading to death, missing children, natural disasters, a family death, celebrity death, closing of a beloved local business, plane crashes and “hard landings”.

Check out the replay below:


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