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Do I Really Need to Post During Summer Vacation?

As summer vacations near and the promise of relaxation takes over your every waking thought, the intrepid business owner might start to wonder “Do I really need to post on my business accounts over the summer?” After all, for many businesses, especially consultants, summer is traditionally a slower time for business as many clients are on vacation themselves, or herding their children off to summer activities. As a social media consultant, I definitely see a major slow down over the months of summer and I try to use that time wisely. My approach to posting on social media during vacation has varied over the years: sometimes I post during vacation season and sometimes I don’t. How’s that for an answer?

Facebook Stats on Summer Social Engagement

Facebook recently published some stats on the use of their own platform during the summer of 2015. It’s worth a look to see whether or not business is up or down over those months. It may surprise you to learn Of course, that can be attributed to people sharing more about their summer vacations as it tends to be a busy time of year. However, if you think about it, that also means your target audience is spending more time on Facebook in order to do that posting.[bctt tweet=” There was a 26% increase in posting to the Facebook mobile during the summer months of 2015. ” username=”anitakirkbride”]

Are you able to go on Facebook, post something and NOT look around to see what else is happening? If you are, I want to know your secret. Most of us get sidetracked when posting to social media and end up looking around at least a bit while we’re there to post those summer vacation pics.

Take a look at the infographic below and see how else you might want to consider engaging on social media this summer. Perhaps you can talk about the Olympics, gardening, running or travel?

Do I Really Need to Post During Summer Vacation?

Back to the original question: Do you need to post during summer vacation or can you take a break? It’s really up to you to decide. Facebook’s information clearly shows people are using the network just as much, and probably more, during the summer months. Can you really afford to take a break when usage is up? You’ll have to look at the opportunity cost of not posting. And hey, you may well decide that taking a break, refreshing your mind and coming back full steam is worth the risk.

If you decide you want to keep posting while you’re on vacation, keep in mind the Responsible Scheduling rules and choose your social media scheduling tool wisely.

Look below the infograph to see more thoughts from small businesses on posting during summer vacations!

infograph on summer use of facebook | post during summer vacation

Courtesy of Facebook IQ

Unique Content for a Unique Season

At SoBold, we continue to promote content on our social media profiles during the summer months and believe that other small companies should too. Though summer is typically the time of year that things slow down before picking up again in the autumn, we see this not as a problem and instead try to make sure our content is a reflection of this. When our team members go on holiday or take trips away over the weekends, we encourage them to keep in touch with us (we’re a tight nit bunch) through their photos and stories. If these are interesting enough (i.e. enviable enough), we’ll push these out through our company profiles and give our followers a more personal taste of our company. Often, these posts are even more engaging than regular posts about digital marketing and the industry news. In short, we love sharing unique content and see no reason to stop just because the sun is out!
Will Newland, SoBold Digital Marketing Agency

Adjust Posting Schedule

As someone more introverted I don’t slow down my blog posting because of a much talked about summer downtime. I take a break if my energy level is telling me to. After being in sales all my life, believing and acting there are such seasonal slowdowns also affects business growth negatively. My slowing down is more tied to my energy slowing down, and for me, that ends up being the winter.

Patricia Weber

Make Summer Break Work for You!

Vacation is a necessity. Sometimes it seems like we cannot afford having it without leaving the business behind. There is always a way to keep up (even in a “lazy summer” mode). There are tools for scheduling your social posts. Set them up before the vacation and freshen them up with photos or exciting things you see on your vacation! Even if it’s just a 10-14 days vacation you should better keep your social media as active as you can.
Sana Knightly

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  • Patricia Weber Reply

    What a valuable roundup of ideas of how to keep posting through the summer months, Anita. I used Hootsuite and Bufferapp to line up posts when I am traveling for periods of time, summer and other times of the year. I appreciate your including my comment in your post!

    June 23, 2016 at 4:52 pm
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    July 28, 2016 at 12:40 pm
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