35 Ways to Promote Your Social Media Profiles

You’ve started a new business and now it’s time to let people know about it. Social media is likely the first thing you’re thinking about these days. Once you have the social media profiles set up how do you let people know where to find you?

  1. Business card
  2. Mention in your printed newsletter
  3. Include links in your email newsletter
  4. Website
  5. Brochure
  6. Window/car decals/bumper stickers
  7. Posters/signs
  8. Digital Screens (advertising TVs in waiting areas)
  9. Stationery
  10. Voice Mail
  11. Radio/TV ads
  12. Magazine ads
  13. Newspaper ads
  14. Blog
  15. Online profiles (Manta, About.me, local directories)
  16. Yellow Pages (if you still advertise there)
  17. Cross posting (inviting Twitter followers to find you on Facebook)
  18. Pay-per-Click advertising
  19. Banner ads on other websites or blogs
  20. Online Directories (Chamber of Commerce and other associations you belong to)
  21. Waiting room signs
  22. Intake forms
  23. Exit surveys/feedback surveys
  24. Billboards (but please, no QR Codes on them!)
  25. E-mail signature
  26. Lawn signs
  27. Receipts
  28. Clothing tags
  29. Stickers
  30. Door clings
  31. Trade Show booths
  32. Book covers
  33. Promotional items: Pens, notepads, etc
  34. Chalk writing on the sidewalk
  35. Parade handouts (like water bottle stickers or tags on the candy you’re handing out)

Can you think of other places to advertise your social profiles? List them in the comments!


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