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Setting up the new Twitter Dashboard

Twitter recently introduced one of the most highly sought after features, but it seems not a lot of people heard about it. The new Twitter dashboard is a simple way to feature tweets and media on your profile and schedule tweets with a native Twitter scheduler! AMEN and HALLELUJAH! If Twitter is your main social network, you now have a way to schedule tweets without resorting to a third party app, however, third party apps still have many benefits to consider. For now, check it out by setting up the new Twitter dashboard following these simple steps!

Get Twitter Dashboard

First you’ll need to request Twitter dashboard at this link: Make sure you’re logged into your Twitter account and click on the “Try Twitter Dashboard” button. Tell Twitter what type of business you run (this feature is geared to businesses) and how many employees you have.

Twitter Dashboard: About You

Next you’ll be directed to customize some settings about your business. Is your business commonly referred to by different variations of your name? Tell Twitter all the variations to look for. Add in any branded hashtags and names of your brand ambassadors/owners. Don’t forget to perhaps include common misspellings; Twerp instead of Twirp, for example. Next, tell Twitter if there are terms commonly confused with your or your business. This will help keep those inappropriate tweets out of this feed. Don’t forget to click the “Save Feed” button in the top right!

Create Tweets

Now that your Twitter dashboard is all set up, you can check out the Create button in the top left. This will allow you to compose tweets to be sent now or LATER! If you want to schedule a tweet to appear later, simply click on the arrow beside “Tweet” and pick the date and time for your tweet to be posted. Once you’ve scheduled a few tweets, you’ll be able to see a chronological list of upcoming tweets just below the compose window. You can even switch this to a calendar view format for planning campaigns. This is a very basic feature set, but I’m sure there will be more features added over time. For now I’m going to stick with my Hootsuite dashboard for scheduling and viewing Twitter.


When Twitter first introduced analytics everyone was shocked to see their tweets have the same low impression rate their Facebook posts were getting. While the reach of your tweets may have been a shock, at last now you know and you can work towards improving your reach on Twitter. You can improve what you can’t measure, right?!

The Twitter analytics dashboard looks a lot like Facebook’s and it’s pretty easy to see which posts are doing better, what type of content your followers like and how many people are seeing your stuff.

Coming Features?

If you look at my Twitter Profile, you’ll see a tab not everyone has on their profiles yet. The “Featured” tab is something that comes with a beta version of the Twitter Dashboard. If you have a “Profile” menu item on your Twitter Dashboard you have access to this feature. Basically it allows you to feature a few important tweets and photos before a viewer scrolls further down to see your entire tweet history.

Is Twitter Dashboard Useful?

I like the ability to feature specific tweets and photos on my profile, but that function isn’t available to everyone yet. The ability to “Pin” a tweet to the top of your feed, essentially, is nice so you can promote ongoing offers and freebies.

The scheduling feature is also nice, but it’s a bit hidden. If it were built right into the main page compose window it would be much more useful…perhaps that will come with time. I still find the features of Hootsuite and Buffer much more useful than this system.

All in all, I’m going to wait to see additional features before I use this more. If you have the advanced profile features, they’re worth setting up, but otherwise, I think you’ll find it easier to stick with your current Twitter management program.

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