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Facebook Business Page Changes You Need to Know About

Last week, Facebook rolled out another, new Facebook Business Page Timeline layout for desktop users. If you thought your Business Page looked a lot like the mobile phone view, you would be right! When I first saw the change, I looked to see if I had somehow logged into the m.facebook site instead of the desktop site. This change is part of a long ago announced goal for Facebook to look the same no matter which device your are using. In the end, it should be less confusing since everything will be in the same place on all views.

Twirp Communications Facebook Page Timeline layoutThe New Layout for Facebook Business Pages on Desktop

If you change nothing on your new Page layout, likely the first things you’ll see in your “timeline area” are photos and videos (see the screenshot at right). This aligns with the new world order where video and photos are most likely to engage your followers. Everything is still laid out in three columns, but the middle column now reflects the mobile version. The annoying part is that your fans have to scroll through all of this stuff to get to the NEWEST content.

How to Find and Manage Facebook Business Page Options

If you don’t like the order in which your content is appearing, you will have a few choices in your layout. To see your options, in the left hand column of your Page, at the bottom click “Manage Tabs”. Currently I am unable to access this area of my Business Page, but you should have a look at yours if you can. There are a few options for “Templates” for the layout of your Business Page.

Other Recent Changes to Your Facebook Business Page


Did you notice this new tab in your Page Settings? If you admin more than one Facebook Business Page, you can cross post videos (so far only videos) to multiple pages. This would be valuable for branded content (i.e. you are paid to create and post a video about a product or service you use).


Twirp Communications Facebook Page messenger codeThis one is a bit older, but you may have missed it. You can now use a code like the one to the left to help direct people to your Facebook Messenger instantly. A customer can scan the code (similar to a QR Code or a SnapCode) from Messenger and automatically open up a discussion with your Facebook Business Page. Go ahead and try adding a new contact in your Facebook Messenger, and scan this code. Send me a message so I can give you a high five back 😉 To find this option (I’m on Android), open Messenger, click on the list icon and you should see the option to “Scan Messenger Code”.

Whether you choose to print this code for people to scan (think customer service cards on restaurant tables, mailouts, flyers, brochures, etc), or use the hyperlink version (go ahead and click on the image instead)

Inside your Page Messaging settings you now also have the ability to set up auto-responders to let people know their message has been received and you will respond soon.


The latest addition to Facebook’s robust advertising customization is the ability to advertise to people who have previously engaged with your Page. You can now set your ads to show to people who have Liked and Shared your content, visited your Page and clicked on your Links.

Have you noticed any other new features on your Facebook Page lately? Changes are coming in fast and furious!

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