Are you a Social Media Grinch or a Santa?

Social media is still a mystery gift for many small business owners. Earlier today I found myself explaining, again, that it’s not all about broadcasting your ads to your followers. Facebook is 12 years old, Twitter is 10, Instagram is 6, and you are not alone if you are still struggling to figure out what to do and what NOT to do. Nobody wants to be a social media Grinch.

Being that it’s the Christmas season, and we like to keep things light this time of year, I thought it would be fun to make a Christmas-themed do’s and don’ts list. Read through the Grinch-o-graph below to see if you’re acting more like The Grinch or Saint Nick! If you think you might be coming across as a little Grinch-y, there’s never a better time to change than now.

Start by finding someone on Twitter to have a conversation with. Or by actually responding to questions and comments on your Facebook or Instagram. Or even by jumping into a discussion in a LinkedIn Group. You don’t have to change everything overnight. Start with one network and build from there.

Social Media Grinch or Santa Infograph

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