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Winning Week: Lolë Halifax Gets a “Crash” Course in Crisis Management

It’s something you certainly hope doesn’t happen very often. Especially when your staff are accustomed to standing in that very spot during slow periods to watch the crowds walking by. The staff at local women’s clothing boutique Lolë on Spring Garden Road witnessed something I’m sure they’d be happy to never see again, and their crisis management hats came out.

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly…a car (actually a taxi) crashed through their window during evening business hours, after hitting a pedestrian in the crosswalk right outside their store. Luckily reports indicate the pedestrian and the driver were not seriously injured. Once staff knew everyone was ok, they decided to have a little fun with the situation…turning lemons into lemonade, so to speak. But, their social media manager assures me, it was ONLY because they knew everyone was ok. You could never get away with this type of humour if the driver or pedestrian had been killed, for example.

The witty posts just keep flowing, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And the fans are eating it up! Lots of clapping emojii and supportive comments are heating up their winter right now. A little levity in a bad situation seems to go a long way towards encouraging engagement.

Kudos to Lolë Halifax for not only keeping their fans in the loop about unplanned closings and cancellations, but for being able to find some humour in a bad situation.

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