Is it Time to Hire a Social Media Manager?

I knew this was going to be an interesting meeting when the first thing he asked me was “Do I really need to hire someone to manage my social media, or can we do it ourselves?”

Contrary to what some social media consultants might feel, I was excited by the question. I quickly replied, “No. You don’t necessarily need to hire someone if you have the time, resources and interest in doing it yourself.”

The people who hire Twirp Communications are generally lacking in one of these three things: time, resources/skills, and interest. Some businesses are ready to add additional support and social media makes sense to outsource. Some people are behind in their technical skills and don’t want to take the time to learn it right now. Others simply have no interest in being on Facebook and Twitter, but understand it is important for their business.

Our meeting continued for an hour. Answering his question honestly and bluntly set the tone for a candid discussion about his needs and how Twirp could fit into his vision. He told me much valuable information during this meeting, about how he wants this relationship to work and how disappointed he was in a meeting with one of my competitors (he left feeling like he had no idea what he would be paying them to do!)

All around, it was a good, next-step meeting in our business relationship.

In the end, no, I didn’t walk away with a contract right now. However, I did leave with his commitment to hire me during his busy season, which is really the only time he needs the extra help. And I left with something even better, my integrity in tact! At one point during the meeting he looked me straight in the eyes and said “I really appreciate your honesty.”

This meeting was not unlike other meetings I’ve had over the years. He is not the first business owner I’ve told “No, you don’t need to hire me.” I firmly believe in not selling to people who don’t need your product/service. There are enough people out there who legitimately need the help and support. In so many cases, the business owner is the best person to manage their own social media presence. I would much prefer to support them in learning to DIY than taking it over just for the sake of a contract.

If you’re on the cusp, wondering whether or not it’s time to hire someone to help out, or if you would be better off with some focused social media training, I am more than happy to talk to you and give you the same unbiased, honest opinion I gave to this client.


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